Does It Feel Worse Than It Is?!

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Scarlett | 22:14 Sat 16th Jan 2021 | Body & Soul
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Earlier on I was eating, and I ate a hair at the same time. In a bid to hoik it up, I think I've scratched the back of my throat- it feels swollen and like something is stuck there. I've had some ice cream to take the sensation away, but it's now back. I've also had a Piriton incase it was swelling. Anything else I can do other than wait? It's particularly noticeable if I put my head down, and it feels like it's closing up. Thanks! It's helpful to get opinions on here to save me bothering my GP with small things!


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Go to sleep.
Try a gargle, with salt and warm water. Couple of paracetamol.
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Thanks Smurf. Sqad- is that a 'it will fix itself overnight' remedy?! Or a 'stop yer moaning, woman!' reply? :D
Or a 'stop yer moaning, woman!' reply? :D

LOL, probably will feel better in the morning though, Scarlett.
They aren't mutually exclusive interpretations.

Any better now ?

All of those plus NO BIG DEAL....-;)
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Morning! It hurts just as much today- made it worse by eating... but as Sqad says, it's no big deal!

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Does It Feel Worse Than It Is?!

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