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chrissa1 | 12:47 Tue 04th Aug 2020 | Body & Soul
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I’ve decided to have an operation to remove a cataract from my right eye. I can just about afford to have it done, privately.

My daughter wants me to go down South to stay with her so she can look after me, with the added bonus of seeing my twin granddaughters who I haven’t seen since Xmas.

Do I get in touch with a private hospital down there, (Southampton) directly or should I contact an optician down there when I get there, to arrange?


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I have just had both eyes done at the RVI at no cost. Mine were so bad that I could not read nor write. The difference is tremendous.
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How long did you have to wait, JD?
Chrissa, why pay? ask your GP to refer you
Two years, but that was due to a cock-up on the optician's part.
Had mine done at the RVI too, well worth it , I waited a few weeks that's all
I'm having mine done in a private hospital on the NHS. I had my other eye done on the NHS too and it was brilliant. You need to be referred by an optician I think to have it done on the NHS but I don't know about privately. If I was having it done privately it would cost £2,000. Why would you want to pay that when you can get it done free? I have waited for two months and think that is great.
Optician refers you to GP who in turn refers you to eye hospital.
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I just want to get it done and dusted, Bobbie.
I'm sure your GP will refer you , save that money and spend it on something nice that you want
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Hmm. What you are all saying makes sense but being down there, I wouldn’t need to drive etc. What is the recovery time?
You won't need to be 'looked after' after you have it done Chrissa. All you need to do is put drops in for a few weeks. There's no pain, and the actual procedure is wonderful, takes about 15 minutes.
Recovery time is about 6 weeks if I remember correctly. Had my other eye done a couple of years ago. I don't think the GP will refer you, you need to see an optician.
I think chrissa would like to visit her family and the girls. Maybe ask your daughter to enquire at a private hospital/ clinic down south . I think you are using your money very wisely.
I had lens implants helly, and was referred by my optician so perhaps you're right , they took the cataracts off at the same time, a very painless procedure
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Thanks, anne. As I live alone, my daughter is worried about me.
She will be chrissa. Everyone will be happy with your visit,. Nip in get the surgery, put your feet up . Enjoy. :-)
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Just spoken to my optician. She told me my last eye test was in October and they had diagnosed it as mild, and I was due for a recall Eye test in October.

I’m having another eye test on 26th of this month so she’ll be able to see if it has got worse.
Mr May had his done on NHS, it took no time on the day and we were in a cafe having lunch by noon.

He needed no looking after just a lift home or a taxi. He had a clear plastic eye shield for 24 hours, no pain and no blurred vision.

He had to take the lens out of his glasses as his vision was improved and wait a few weeks to have a new eye test and new glasses. all very successful. I wish you well with yours.
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Thank you for that, Maydup.
This is all very useful, thank you all. My optician referred me in March '19 to my G.P. - who referred me the same month to hospt. (suspected glaucoma plus cataracts encroaching on lenses. I had an appt. given in Sept. '19 and a follow-up in Feb. this year. This decided that I was still suspected glaucoma and noted the cataracts. I had next appt. for 14th Aug. --- it was cancelled (and no new one made) last week.
Meantime I had to stop driving at night last autumn and was so worried about my sight that a couple of months ago I went back to optician who confirmed that cataracts were now over lenses and gave me a letter to hand in at (now cancelled) appt. strongly recommending swift removal. I am having to consider going privately (I can just about do it if the car hangs together another year so I don't need to replace it!) and don't know what to do - so all this is very useful I'm going to go back to optician and get advice in the first place. Maybe if he writes directly to hosp. something may get done. Sight seems to be worsening at an accelerated rate and I have to be able to drive. OK at the moment (cars are pretty big!).

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