I Was In The Garden For A Few Hours Yesterday. On My Feet I'd Sandals But No Socks.

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sandyRoe | 16:41 Fri 22nd May 2020 | Body & Soul
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My feet got sunburnt. This morning I woke with a rash on my left shin. I had a rash there about a year ago which was very itchy
Could the sunburn have triggered its reappearance?


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I'm no medical expert, but I would agree with your diagnosis. Apply plenty of Savlon, or anything similar, and keep doing that until you get some relief.
Almost certainly you are correct, what you have des ribed us a skin reaction to the sun.
Either leave well alone or if the irritation gets annoying, then apply 1% hydrocortisone cream to the affected part
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Thank you both.
It's good to see you back, Sqad.
sqad - great to see you back - sorry Sandy - Sqad some time ago I was prescribed that 1% cortisone - can you buy OTC.
Yes you can buy 1% Hydrocortisone cream in any pharmacy.
ok - thanks for that Mamy - boy I find it great stuff.
Let that be a lesson you. Don't wear sandals sans socks.
Question Author
But sandals with socks are almost as much a fashion faux pas as a handkerchief with knotted corners on your head.
I’d rather see men in socks and sandals than with sandals and hairy toes and yellow toenails.
I’m not saying you have those afflictions, Sandy, but anyway, the knotted hanky is much much worse.
Glad you got the cream recommendation. It helped me with a similar thing.

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I Was In The Garden For A Few Hours Yesterday. On My Feet I'd Sandals But No Socks.

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