Pneumonia Injections

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Kathyan | 11:52 Mon 11th May 2020 | Body & Soul
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Has anyone been offered a pneumonia injection by their Dr's surgery and have you taken them up on it? I was offered it last week and refused.


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Had one years ago, apparently it is a once in a lifetime jab.
I am entitled but not been offered and probably wouldn't take it at the minute as it can give side effects and I have got responsibilities which would be difficult if I became ill. I will have it in the future though.
Yes , had mine when I turned 70, why didn’t you want it Kathyan?
No side effects here woof and yes Sparklykid, it’s a once only one
Hi Bobbs, we had ours at 70. I understood it lasted a lifetime.
It does, same as the Shingles jab
Bobbi I am one of those who tends to side effects....its not psychsomatic, I just do. The year before last the new adjuvanted flu vac put me flat on my back for 4 days and odd years the ordinary flu vac has affected me. I still get flu vac and will get the pneumonia one but I do make sure that I haven't got anything strenuous planned.
I had one three years ago, not 70 yet but recommended as I have an underlying condition.
No side effects at all, never yet had a side effect to any jabs Ive ever had.
yeah have it anyway

actually wont affect covid ( virus ) b ecause pneumonic infections are not a problem - virus is lethal enough

but well worth it - and works well ( gives immunity )

dja wanna hour on it - happy to oblige ma-am
Arh right woof , then I understand your reluctance
Offered one in mid-March and took it (and a flu jab for good measure). No ill effects.
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Bobbie, I don't trust vaccines these days. You don't know what's in them. I have enough health problems without vaccines causing more!
Arh okay Kathyan
actually kathyann. "they" tell you what is in them.
What do you suspect might be in it Kathyan?
I've had it with no side effects.
Last year, I had the 'flu jab in one arm and the pneumonia jab in the other. The pneumonia jab site was a bit sore for a couple of days but soon wore off.
> I don't trust vaccines these days

A Coronavirus vaccine won't be much good for you then!

Question Author
A coronavirus vaccine is one I definitely won't be having!
I had one at 65, the age we should all be offered one. Apparently it lasts lifetime. Doesn't protect against covid, but is an advantage for those who go on to develop pneumonia.

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Pneumonia Injections

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