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Are you at higher risk from the effects of COVID-19?

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AB Editor | 16:45 Mon 16th Mar 2020 | Body & Soul
28 Answers

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  • Yes - 200 votes
  • 45%
  • No - 165 votes
  • 37%
  • I do not know - 77 votes
  • 17%
  • Other - 6 votes
  • 1%

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Not by much just enough to make me cautious. I worked in ITU I am terrified of ending up in one
at higher this than what or who?
Thanks Ed
Thought this would be a useful link to put on this info
my partner is being diabetic and has a heart problem, both signs of weakness to the virus. She is self isolated, cannot take the risk.
Same as rowan, not top of the high risk list but far enough up to be worried.
Yup I am at risk , would not last 5 mins if I got the virus. I am beginning to get a bit anxious about it all .
I reckon I'm right up in the firing line. Lowered immune system due to Chemo post cancer. Cardio vascular disease. I've escaped diabetes so far but was investigated for it once and cleared on that.. A few months south of 70yrs of age. :-)
The latest from Public Health England

(I'm in the 'high risk' category because I'm on chemotherapy but I'm not panicking yet because there are only three confirmed cases of the disease in my county and you can't catch if there's nobody to catch it from!)
// just enough to make me cautious. I worked in ITU I am terrified of ending up in one//

done both - PCP but not ventilated - I was more terrified of being returned to a ward that cdnt give humidified oxygen

Matron tried harrumphing and insisting - o I dont think that is true

so Yup - immunosuppressed as PCP rather gives it away
o god it turns out all the usual suspects are walking bags of pus
I guess I must be, I’m in my 70s so I’m in the vulnerable bracket although I’m fit and healthy and take no medication at all, my OH on the hand is a diabetic type 2 and is in his late 70s
Yes I'm very high risk.
My Evelyn is an angel guarding me :-)
Not as far as I know... one way to find out if I have underlying conditions, i guess...
yes high risk due to being immune supressed. If I catch it I reckon that will be it. Very scary....
I shall be 88 next month but I am very well and used to going out every day. I feel very conflicted as to whether I should go shopping or not. If I am careful and keep my distance as much as I can I think I can go to the shops sometimes but I'm not sure.
I don't feel I am at risk. But I am becoming afraid and don't know what to do for the best.
I have bad asthma; every time I get a cold I end up on antibiotics and steroids as it goes straight to my useless lungs. Also very high BMI/ blood pressure and irregular heart beat. I have been self-isolating for 12 days BUT I did go to physio as my back was out and I was in agony. So technically only self-isolated for 7 days. Have a headache and a gritty throat and praying it doesn't shoot down to my chest like usual. My flat mate avoids me like the plague anyway, but he has had a high temperature the last 3 days so god only knows what's inside the flat.
Rosie29 If you don't need to go out then don't. If someone can get your shopping etc for you then please,stay at home.
I was offered help with shopping today because “you are getting on a bit”. Cheeky! I’m only 50.

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Are you at higher risk from the effects of COVID-19?

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