Beginning To Be A Little Concerned About This Leg Of Mine

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jourdain2 | 20:53 Fri 27th Sep 2019 | Body & Soul
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Went on holiday 14/9/19 to the lovely Fife. Great cottage, but Sun. 15th I stepped into the shower and the shower-mat concertinaed under my foot and I went flying. It was a shower-over-bath and the mixer tap raked my right shin in my fall (about 3"). I went to Cupar Minor Injuries Unit and was patched-up with 3 steri-strips to hold the gash together and iodine-infused dressings. On return visit there, just before we came home, they professed themselves satisfied, stuck a dressing on it and waved me bye-bye.

Today I am beginning to become concerned. Below the wound my leg is very red and hot and also noticeably more swollen than the left leg - if I press it the depression lasts for some time. Of course it is the weekend and no local doctor's surgery available. Just asking if anyone thinks it is serious enough to bother A&E because if so I'd rather get there before the influx on Saturday night. Thanks.


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Do you still have a dressing on it?
Is it too tight?
Redness/hotness describes an infection. Yes, go to A & E. You will need antibiotics. A simple gash with an infection could lead to sepsis, so go as soon as possible. Good luck!
phone 111 (I hope that's the right number)

Ouch. I wish there was padding on shins
Hope you're better soon x
I agree with GenuineclAss...x
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I've changed the dressing, Shoota, it was Aleyvn, but with adhesive edges and felt to be 'pulling' until it felt painful. I now have a square of harmless, sterile Melolin on it, held in place by micropore and it is no longer tight. It is beginning to throb a bit.
Well (as you seem to have realised) "red and hot" is a clear sign of infection, so you probably need some antibiotics. Phone 111 for advice. They'll probably get you an appointment at the out-of-hours GP surgery. (In my area that's actually on the local hospital site but separate to A&E. Patients who've been booked in by the 111 service get seen very quickly, which is far better than waiting for hours surrounded by drunks).

I had to phone 111 on a Friday evening a few months ago. While it was slightly irritating to have to answer the same triage questions several times, I was generally impressed with the service. They got me an appointment with the out-of-hours GP on a "how soon can you get there?" basis. On arrival at the clinic I didn't have to wait long and he had my problem sorted out very quickly.
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Thanks everyone. I'll ring 111 and get their advice- but I'll probably go to A&E Sat. a.m. anyway.
At least go to a walk in centre, ( if there is one in your vicinity ) if not go to A&E.
You could ring the 111 service and see what they say, but the sooner you get some antibiotics the better the 48 hrs before you an appointment at GP not worth waiting. I would go to A & E but pretty swiftly before the pubs turn out.
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There is a 'walk-in-centre' at Bridlington hospital, so I'll go 1st thing tomorrow. Thanks all.
How painful is it?
I should think the walk-in place will be heaving in the morning, it’ll be full of kids - they’re dropping like flies around here (back to school colds and sore throats).
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It's becoming noticeable all the time, Ummm, and quite tender if I touch it.
Germolene - antiseptic and anaesthetic, until you get it seen to...
I think you need to get it looked at, the sooner the better.
LOl Bridlinton Hospital brings back memories.
It does sound as though it "may" be infected, but that doesn't automatically mean that you need antibiotics.
If you feel in yourself, no fever or headaches then i would take Ibuprofen tonight 400 mgms and then monitor the situation overnight.
If you feel fine in the morning and the leg is no worse then I would continue the regime of rest and Ibuprofen over the weekend.
However should the leg become more swollen and you feel unwell, then go to A&E tomorrow morning.

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Thank you all - I'm supposed to be helping to run a McMillan Coffee morning tomorrow, but I'll cry off and go to A&E at Scarborough (given the advice that the walk-in-centre is likely to be full of kids with colds - I'm asthmatic and don't need a chest infection).
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I typed my answer before getting yours Sqad, so I will now take that into account. Thanks a lot. Ibuprofen - here I come.... :)
Whenever I've been to the walk in it's been practically empty.
No need to add any advice as you've had that, I do add best wishes though.

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Beginning To Be A Little Concerned About This Leg Of Mine

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