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Travelling To London

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bednobs | 08:22 Fri 03rd May 2024 | Travel
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hi, i am going into london next thursday, and have just realised swr areon strike.  I'd normally go basinstoke-waterloo or second option newbury-paddington.  While i dont think newbury-paddington is affected, that line seems to have some weird restrictions on what it classes as off peak, meaning my return journey at about tea time is very expensive.  What are my options?  I have disabled parking badge (and disabled rail card).  are there any outlying tube stations nearish my outward journey i could drive to, park at for free then tube it?



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It depends how far you can walk.  You could drive up the M3 which becomes the A316.  Park in the Old Deer Car Park at Richmond (free for disabled) and get the District line in.  You would have to walk for about 15 mins though (it is a level walk)  Richmond is accessible.

// i am going into london next thursday, and have just realised swr are on strike //

SWR's no-trains day is the Tuesday. on Thursday, trains will be operated to a reduced timetable but (apart from some early cancellations) the regular stopping service from Basigstoke will operate. Additionally the Exeter/Salisbury trains will be near normal, but the Bournemouth/Weymouth services reduce to hourly.

In my experience, promised alternatives on strike days are pie in the sky - and any which do run will be heaving.  You would be well advised to put off your trip if possible.

just to clarify - Thursday is not a strike day for SWR. on Thursday, drivers are banning overtime which means some trains will have no staff and won't run.

Can someone tell me if there are SWR trains to Waterloo on Wednesday please??  Is it the same as Thursday?  Sorry to butt in bednobs x

Bednobs & Smurfchops:
The Journey Planner on the National Rail website hasn't yet been updated to take any possible industrial action for the forthcoming week into account.  However the relevant updates should be included by tomorrow, so simply checking then should provide the answers to both your queries:

Thanks Chris, the website says to check back on Monday :)

^^^ That's typical, I suppose! 😊

What did you do in the end?

Question Author

i went basingstoke-waterloo

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but had to stand on the way back

I always think that you should never have to stand on a train.  You have paid the same as everyone else and you should have a seat.  Apart from that, standing is not safe. That's the UK though.

that's bad luck. I had nice young Muslims offer me their seat both ways on my trip to London today (just the tube). I was hobbling a bit, so it was very welcome.

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Travelling To London

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