Don't Have A Cold

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jennyjoan | 01:45 Sat 15th Jun 2019 | Body & Soul
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but am sniffling badly so am looking for home remedies. Sniffling all the time.

Have had it quite a while and am connecting to the dental implants where I know the implantolotist had to do something behind my nose- which has left me the sniffles.

It comes across as a cold but I don't have a cold - any help please. Breathe easy stuff in the house.


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Hay fever?
Are you certain it isn't a cold ? Had symptoms for months, then one finally came out and hit me for a week.
It could be an allergy, JJ. Maybe hayfever.
Rhinitis, comes to.mind too. Ask in Pharmacy. They'll probably suggest nasal spray.

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Don't Have A Cold

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