How Long Does The Inoculation For Mumps Last

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FoxLee2 | 13:53 Fri 29th Mar 2019 | Body & Soul
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I saw an item on This Morning about a 40 years old woman who had contracted mumps while on holiday, presumably from a child at the resort who hadn't been inoculated. She was up in arms about children who hadn't been inoculated and it made me wonder (the point wasn't mentioned) whether the protection lasted all your life. If this is the case, it made me question whether the woman herself had been inoculated as a child - not her decision I know - and if not, did she have the right to complain.


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Apparently 20 years for 90-95% of the population...accorfing to the NHS.

// How long does protection from MMR last?

It seems to be very long-lasting. Virtually everyone (more than 99%) will be protected against measles and rubella for more than 20 years after 2 doses of MMR.

Protection against mumps after 2 doses of MMR is a little lower (90 to 95%) and appears to gradually decline.

But mumps in vaccinated people is much less likely to lead to complications such as meningitis or painful swelling of the testes (orchitis), and vaccinated people are less likely to require admission to hospital. //

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So maybe this woman had been inoculated and the protection had declined over the years but then she shouldn't have been so badly affected.
//Before the MMR vaccine was introduced in 1988, more than 8 out of every 10 people in the UK developed mumps. Mumps used to cause about 1200 hospital admissions each year in England and Wales. It was the most common cause of both viral meningitis and acquired deafness in children.//

Very likely she hadn't had the vaccine.
Mumps vaccine was first used in 1969 and it wasn't national or routine then so its possible she may not have been vaccinated. but as you say not her decision....
My son had all his vaccinations but still got mumps.

His vaccinations probably made it a lesser strain but he still had to be incubated for 2 weeks.
My daughter got mumps when she was 14 years old, she had all her vaccinations as a toddler. The doc said it wasn't unusual.

I had to have the MMR after her birth, whilst I was pregnant my blood tests showed no immunity for Rubella.
So short a time ? So why aren't adults reimmunised ? I'd assumed once you'd had a dose (either from a needle or the natural way) that put paid to reinfections.
life time
the only adult mumps I have seen have been in unvaccinated adults

having worked at Porton Down I had to stand around with duct tape over my mouth whilst mothers said - "as a 18 y o muvva, I dont agree wiv vaccination, yeah? it aint green. I wanna decide for myself and deliberately put my little baby in danger ...."

OK perhaps they didnt say the last bit
There is no routine vaccine programme for adults.


//MMR for non-immune adults
The MMR vaccine can also be given on the NHS to adults who may need it.

This includes:

people born between 1970 and 1979, who may have only been vaccinated against measles
people born from 1980 to 1990, who may not be protected against mumps
Check with your GP if you're not sure whether you have had the MMR vaccine.

If in doubt, go ahead and have it. Even if you have had it before, it won't harm you to have a second, or even third, course of the vaccination.//

Whether your GP would offer it is another matter.
There is a very troubling, and worrying wave of "Pro - anti vaxxers" and they really need putting an end to. Absolute idiots.
Can guarantee I've not had an MMR vaccine. In my day one had to have the real thing.
some times llevels are good
and sometimes not

my MD was preparing to fire me for not having Hep B vacc
because he didnt know that having been inoculated once and shown decent levels meant life time protection - yes I have kept the little slippy because I didnt know either .....
I had rubella (according to GP notes) then had a blood test and was vacced when I joined the NHS....nother blood test and vac when I rejoined.....nother blood test when I rejoined but they gave up on the vacs at that point.
Interesting... I hadn't really considered how long they last for. I did have mumps as a child myself, but my children are all vaccinated, so hopefully have enough protection. It affects ovaries in the same way as testes, btw.
You're absolutely right Spath and they are targeting the young with their scaremongering - ie, the upcoming raft of potential new parents.

My Grandson (15) told me about how some of his classmates were almost swayed by their guff.
When my kids were in lower school they weren't allowed on any school trips unless they were fully vaccinated.

My dad had never had any childhood illnesses so when my son had mumps he use to come round and talk to the kids through the front window :-)
I don't know how long it lasts for, but I would certainly recommend that people are inoculated. Mumps can be a terrible illness, and can affect you for the rest of your life.
I was 19 when I had mumps, had viral meningitis with it and ended up with 100% nerve damage in my right ear.
It left me completely deaf in my right ear, with loss of balance, vertigo and tinnitus. 38 years on , and I still have the sickness and giddyness and fall over if I turn around too fast.
The deafness I have learnt to live with.
My children have all had the vaccination.
I had mumps, I remember the pain. No lasting effects thankfully.
I never had mumps as a child and wasn't vaccinated.
Instead,I got it when I was 58.It was awful ,terribly painful and wiped me out for weeks. How I got is a mystery.It's airborne apparently so I could have got it just by someone who was carrying the virus coughing or sneezing near me. Therefore anyone could have infected the woman in the OP, not necessarily a child.

o god sparkles
I am so sorry to hear it
[my family has early - ish on set deafness, and all I can say is for us OAPs it is a real pain the arrriss]
(but at least you/we acquired language before we went deaf]

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