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retrocop | 17:49 Tue 26th Feb 2019 | Body & Soul
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Good afternoon Sqad,

I wonder if you could help me with a paediatric problem concerning a ten year old girl who is the granddaughter of a very close, old school friend.
Her symptoms first came to notice just before Christmas 2018 and are as follows:

Swollen, painful mesenteric lymph nodes; generally feeling unwell and lacking in energy at times; tires easily; recently double vision and dizziness.

She has seen a paediatric gastroenterologist and has had various blood tests, all of which were normal. She is soon having an MRI of her head, and they are awaiting the results of further blood tests.

All a bit vague really, but wondering if you had any sort of idea. Her family are all very worried.

Thanks in advance. Will give you an update as and when we get further news from our friend.
From the wife of Retro.


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First thing that came to my mind was it sounds anaemia? But such an issue would be obvious after a blood test.
Good afternoon Retro.
Nothing serious or otherwise springs to mind on the history that you have give.
Blood tests being normal rule out a leukaemia which the enlarged mesenteric lymph glands might have suggested.
I am not sure how a MRI of her brain (head) would help, but the Drs may know something that we don't.

Mesenteric adenitis might well explain some of her symptoms and this is the result of a recent infection and are of little danger, not requiring treatment.

i look forward to the results and your feedback, but from what you have described and the negative results, it doesn't sound a big deal.
Of course...the MRI scan is NOT for her brain but for the head and neck, looking for further lymph gland abnormalities...I was a bit slow there ;-).

It could all be explained by incriminating a viral infection.
Question Author
It occurred to me that the MRI might be incase she had a brain tumour causing the double vision and dizziness.

Thanks for your input and Spath’s contribution. I will keep you updated on future outcome.
Good point retro........the MRI could be brain.
double vision now?
or in the past?

is examination of the eyes normal?

( speaking as someone who had double viision. Examination and MRI were NOT normal)

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