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Smowball | 09:10 Tue 26th Feb 2019 | Body & Soul
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Does anybody have any knowledge or experience of this whatsoever? A customer of mine knows that I suffer with extreme insomnia, and I mean extreme - 2 hrs a night sleep max, and am really struggling. She said it’s meant to have lots of health benefits including helping insomnia.....
Your thoughts?? Is it even legal??


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smow have you tried melatonin?
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No I haven’t. In what form?
Yes, it's legal.

A patient of ours who was recently found to have a large, solid breast tumour and was referred to us for chemotherapy started taking CBD oil. There was some delay in the referral being sent for whatever reason and 7 weeks after starting CBD oil, she had a complete pathological response. The lady in question got her supply from a Microbiologist in Amsterdam.

Yes it can make you sleepy but it can also give you the munchies.
My husband has always had trouble sleeping and since he has been taking CBD oil, he sleeps much better. It isn't cheap - £30 a bottle - from Holland and Barrett but you only use a couple of drops (tastes foul!!) per day so it lasts forever!
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So you take it just before bedtime?
Btw, I enjoy fasting for 2 to 3 days per week (continuously, not intermittently). I never sleep so well as when I am fasting - I do tend to feel the cold more though.

If you can, try going 2 to 3 days with nothing but water and you'll feel wonderful.
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LadyCG I barely eat anyway, purely because by the time it’s time to get up I know I’ve just laid there wide awake for hours, with maybe 2 hours sleep if I’m lucky, and so I feel completely nauseous with exhaustion. Then because I feel sick I can’t eat, and so I end up in a vicious circle......
But do you compensate by drinking lots of tea and coffee?

In answer to your question Smowball, two drops under your tongue morning and bedtime. Hope it works for you.
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No I don’t drink coffee. And a couple of cups of tea a day, but mainly water and caffeine free Diet Coke.

And yes I think I might try it, thanks x
do try the CBD, but in case you want an option, melatonin comes in tablets and capsules, it, too, is legal to possess and use in the Uk but not to sell but it is legal to buy in from abroad. I use it for my dogs for firework fear so you'd need to look online for dosage advice...I buy from Piping Rock and Vitasunn.
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And what effect does melatonin have on the body Woofgang?
Melatonin did absolutely nothing for me.
Melatonin is the stuff in the body that tells the body its time to sleep. Taking a synthetic version ups your levels and can help you to get to sleep and stay asleep. As with pretty much everything, it doesn't work for everybody, some people find it has no effect, some people find that even a tiny dose knocks them out cold. Its very safe, not chemically addictive and has few known side effects.
as an aside smow, what does the doc say?
Is the oil any good for pain ?
For CBD in the UK i highly recommend the company

If you have any questions or quierys they have great support, and you can go down to their shop on portobello road in London to try their products and get even more first hand knowledge from professionals.

They sell everything from gummies to vapes to CBD cannabis flower.

I recommend the brand "CBDistillary"

It's legal and it can certainly help with insomnia.

My thoughts is every chemist and supermarket should offer CBD.

Do not go to Holland and barrets what a rip off.
Rosie it is subjective but CBD is a proven anti inflammatory so it would depend what kind of pain you're experiencing and where.
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Woofgang - I’ve been to doctor several times and they just suggest the usual - hot baths, reading etc.
Last time I was so exhausted she finally gave me 14 days worth of the lowest dose of Zopiclone but even they didn’t work.
Do you smoke?

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