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sunny-dave | 17:47 Tue 12th Feb 2019 | Body & Soul
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I'm not a big one for introspection - but today I'm feeling decidedly maudlin.

Not for myself, but because I'm now exactly the same age that my Dad was when he died.

Comparing my happiness (and the future I hope to have in front of me) with his struggle with continual ill-health and then an early death has made me sad - he (and my Mum) must have felt cheated of the retirement they'd worked for.

I'll be fine tomorrow - but right now I'm stuck in a brown study ...



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I'll add my 'alfpenny's worth.....Sqad, naomi, why does it matter and what's this really got to do with 'overall doom and gloom in AB'? In short, it doesn't. From Dave's perspective, he felt a little down, (not depressed), about a significant day in his life, a day that many here have gone through and felt the same way as Dave does/did - so in that alone, there's...
20:34 Tue 12th Feb 2019
Ah, the Black Dog, eh. It’s only human, Dave. I’m sure your dad would have wanted you to take his life experience and make sure you enjoy every minute so, come on, there’ll never be another 12th Feb 2019, don’t waste this one. ;-)
The black dog visits many of us at some time. Yours is just visiting :-)

Humans get clinical depression and all the other depressive states because we think too much, we analyse and worry.

I am sure that your long future ahead of yous will be happy and full of unlikely accidents and incidents.

I know that feeling, I was exactly the same with my Dad's date and age at death - it's a very odd feeling.

You will be right, seems like something we go through.x
yeah I got my second cancer ( oops! ) age 60
and the doctor said - we should be able to get you beyond the age of death of your father (67)

and they were right but jesus christ bits have been dropping off me .....
Mine came at 58 as the old man went at what is really a young age. He used to say that he had the 'Big C' and, when folk replied 'Cancer?', he would add, 'No, I'm drowning.'
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How interesting - I'm not sure I've ever heard anyone talk about passing their parent's age - but reading these replies it now seems a relatively normal phenomenon - thanks everyone.
my granny died at 61 ..not too many months ahead of me !!
Just a huge big massive HUG from me Dave xxx
Dave 17:11. My mother passed at 64 I am well over that age now (old fart status lol) so it happens a lot apparently. Chin up I hope you will feel much better tomorrow and for a long time to come x
My father passed away at 54. I am now older than that young whippersnapper.
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Yes - I understand that many (most?) people will outlive their parents - it was the strange feeling of loss on the day that I outstripped my Dad that I was surprised by.
My mum was 58 when she died and I am 56 this year. My gran (mum's mum) died when she was about 52.

It's only recently that I found out the date of my dad's birth. He just never told but I knew he died in his I know he was a month past forty five but of course I didn't go through what many of you are when I was forty five...

My mum is now ninety five so I've a way to go to match that....

Will it cheer you if I say I'll cook tonight, Dave?.....x
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I never knew my Father as such, I knew who/where he was, he owned a neighbouring farm and was after my mothers land, a 'few' acres, bungalow and a riding stables. They both by coincidence died at 66. I am rapidly approaching 68 so uncharted territory, I'll do me best.
Dad died 87, Mum died 68.
I just turned 68.
Been treated for depression since 2006, and still have episodes.
Know my life is running out of road, but my beliefs tell me there is more road once I have gone through the tunnel.
Probably my biggest cause of worry and depression is my inability to make life easier for those I love, some of whom have considerable problems.
I do wish you well, and as Winston Churchill said, "When you find yourself going through hell, keep going."
A friend of mine was really down last year and, when i asked him why, he replied, "Today marks the moment when i have been without my dad a day longer than i was with him." So, it's not just reaching a parents age of death that gets us temporarily depressed.
I don't understand this AB obsession with doom and gloom.
Just live for the moment.
No, there is nobody's death or anniversary that effects my psyche.

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