Long Term Warfarin Vs Noac Therapy

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bednobs | 23:10 Thu 22nd Nov 2018 | Body & Soul
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Hi I have been on warfarin since 2006 following my second dvt. When I was pregnant I switched to injections of factor 10 antagonist. Now my gp is suggesting going onto rivoroxaban instead of warfarin. Has anyone here switched as above following a cloth and got any thoughts?


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No, I am not on anticoagulants.
Yes, I do have some thoughts.
A very good idea to switch....less likely for bleeds and your blood does not need monitoring.

Great idea to change.
haver you considered thinning your blood using food? I have been for 4 years, I had a clot in my calf and they put me on riveroxaban for 6 weeks. I hate taking tablets, I have bad gag reflex so I researched the issue and now manage it via diet. Basically eat/drink the things that are high or very high, on this list and avoid foods high in vitamin K.
if you are partial to a tipple then wine port and rum are all high! for example I have cranberry juice and almonds every morning.

Of course if your clotting is extreme you'll need the drugs but check with the doc/sqad.
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thanks chaps!
as i have had 2 clots and some other aggravating factors, i would feel uncomfortable about controlling it by diet, but it certainly is an interesting thought.
i think i will change - im starting a new job in January and it will avoid me having time off for extra blood tests
You know it makes sense.......;-)
// haver you considered thinning your blood using food?//
consider and reject
unless of course you are going to chew out of date clover (cows bled and they discovered courmarins)
some of the heart flet advice on AB may adversely affect your health

if someone said to me: oh yes doctor! I had a clot and I bucked my medication and started on low vit K foods and I have no idea why I have a pulmonary embolus - why do you think?
I would laugh

Yes , I am on anticoagulants.
Yes, I do have some thoughts.
A very good idea to switch..

yes - rivaroxaban - I was told when I discharged myself (Sat and they werent doing much or anything)
if you dont get anti coagulated by midday you may stroke and even worse NOT die!
I havent missed a day since then
low vit K, high salicylates PP, as usual only half the story. BTW when you are on riveroxaban et all they advise you to avoid foods high in salicylates because they amplify the effect. Still, as usual, I never expected much sense PP.
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again, thanks everyone

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Long Term Warfarin Vs Noac Therapy

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