Who Here Gives Blood?

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anthro-nerd | 17:46 Tue 05th Jun 2018 | Body & Soul
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Just sat waiting for my name to be called!


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No longer, but I've given about 100 pints in my time.
I used to give blood but they don't want it any more due to the drugs that I am on.

I fainted on one occasion - my face landed on a plate of biscuits.

The nearest that I get these days is when I have blood tests done - which has to happen all too often.

Will give my 76th in a couple of weeks.
Yes me. I wanted to donate plasma or platelets or whatever as well, but I'm not big enough.

I did up until I had Endocarditis in '09, now they don't seem to want it any more.

Grrr, that was me ^^^with the Endocarditis, didn't notice Tash had logged on.
Sadly no, I'm insulin dependant so they won't let me :(
Yes, 38 at the last count.
Surprisingly the only regular donor in the department where I work, shocking really.
I used to but when I started menopause I developed a habit of passing out after donation. After I had done it twice and hit the floor in a spectacular fashion, I was thanked and asked not to come again because I was scaring the other donors! I am now aged out.
yeah used to - O+
foreign travel - hepatitis - and then cancer screwed all that
I did, for many years....until they told me that my blood group (AB+) wasn't that useful! Only 3% of the population has it and people with AB group can receive blood from A, B and O donors. So....not really needed!
Woof, that's exactly what happened to me! How strange.
Tilly, doesn't it make you feel silly? I felt an absolute idiot
I do I've given 120 times now
I think I must have given an armfull in my time. Too old now.
I just felt really illy, not silly. Never again!
Nope apart from being really terrified of needles, I pass out when blood is taken and I have horrible veins that are difficult to find
tamaris do you do the plasmapharesis thing?
same here, Islay, I only seem to have one vein, on the back of my left hand, and even blood tests make me feel queasy.
Apparently my common blood does 3 different Things

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Who Here Gives Blood?

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