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fiction-factory | 14:40 Tue 29th May 2018 | Body & Soul
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I rarely go into a chemist but have been to two different ones in the last 2 days and on both occasions the staff had to drop everything to deal with small groups who staggered in and sounded very unwell and were given what I assumed was methodone which they swigged from the bottle. One of them went back outside and a member of staff went chasing after him, he ran back in, went into a back room with the pharmacist and staggered out again moments later with a bottle. Another person also seemed to leave with half her bottle.The staff seemed to know the customers and no conversations took place- no ID checks or questions about whether they pay for prescriptions.

I'm guessing it was methodone and wondered two things:
- is this common nowadays, is there an epidemic, and how much does it cost the NHS?
- I thought thay methodone had to be consumed there and then in the chemist, but the bottles seemed like the size of old school milk bottles and were taken outside unfinished. What is supposed to happen?


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seems odd to have given them bottles. But every day is a school day.

In the chemists I frequent, a person comes in, approaches the dispensing counter and a little tub is offered with some form of liquid in it.
No names mentioned so presume they know the people who come for their medicine.
I don't think the staff would have " dropped everything" dispensing methadone is their job, as much as you or I purchasing paracetamol .
I've only seen methadone handed over in a single dose which is taken in store and the receptacle handed back
It’s my understanding that people will be required to take their dose in the pharmacy until they are considered able to be trusted to take it at home.
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These peopel looked very agitated and the satff looke dvery uncomfortable but seememd to know them, and probably wanted to get them out as soon as possible, and today one person came in, walked/stumbled out and the member of staff stopped what she was doing to chase after him and bring him back in and take him in the back for 10 seconds
All very strange. Maybe there was more to this case.
It's fair to say more than one of two at a time may well be a problem. I have seen methadone given out Saturday and sunday/ Monday doses given to the customer( e.g. Bank/public holiday .
My local Boots outlet appears to serve the methodone users first. I always thought it was because they might get agitated and cause a bit of a stramash in the shop.
FF, the pharmacy would have been closed since saturday. Today's actions may explain the " strange behaviour" from the customers possibly used their supply early ?

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