Beta Blockers And Cold Remedies

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rich47 | 09:10 Sun 19th Nov 2017 | Body & Soul
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I have one or two cardiac problems for which I take the Beta Blocker Bisoprolol.
I used to take Beechams Powders when I had a cold and they seemed to help but I am told, and it says in the packet leaflet, not to take Beechams while on this medication.
Do any ABERs have a recommendation.


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My opinion, may not be the same as the instructions in the box.

Cold medications can be just analgesics e.g Paracetamol and should not affect the action of beta blockers.
Cold medications can also contain an antihistamine......that should not cause problems with taking beta blockers.

If you have faith in Beecham's powders for colds then continue to take them, but if you are worried about the instructions on the packet, then try Ibuprofen for colds or whatever ABer's suggest, that takes your fancy.
According to, Beechams contains phenylephrine, and
"using phenylephrine together with a beta-blocker like bisoprolol may lead to an increase in blood pressure. Some beta-blockers may enhance the effects of phenylephrine, which can lead to constriction of your blood vessels and an increase in blood pressure".
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Thanks guys, I know why they do not recommend Beechams, I am looking for alternative suggestions.
There must be many people in my people in my position, surely there must be a solution
the is news to me that Beechams Powders contain phenylephrine..............has this been added recently as I always thought that they just contained Aspirin and Caffeine.
Even so, i would still take them with beta blockers for a cold. my post i have given you alternatives should you require them.
good pharmacotobly question innit ?

rich47 is stimulating his alpha receptors wiv Phenylephrine
whilst blocking his beta-2 receptors wic nebiv

( and what effect dows phenyl ephrine have on beta - ones ?)

which means that he is increasing his preload ( alpha) whilst slowing the heart and making it beat less strongly ( negative chronotropic and inotropic)

oh it was all such a long time ago ....

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Beta Blockers And Cold Remedies

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