Supra Pubic Catheter Problem

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puternut | 04:17 Sun 19th Nov 2017 | Body & Soul
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For about 18-24 months I have been fitted with a supra pubic (is that one word or two?) catheter due to problems with the lower bladder muscle and other things. I have had no real problems with this, unlike the original urethral one.

What I am querying is for the past few weeks I have had some sort of discharge from the hole where the catheter exits my body. Consequently my underwear has become damp (and has even changed colour due to some sort of deposit!), and also has occasionally been sore in that area.

I mentioned this to the community nurse who came last time to actually change it on a standard 8 week timetable and asked if she knew what this liquid might be suggesting urine and got no real answer back.

So my big question is - WHAT IS IT? over to you


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Whatever it is, it appears that it's 'no big deal'.

"The catheter site may produce a discharge. In some people this dries up after a few weeks, but for others it may be persistent. It may be necessary to wear a simple dressing over the site"

You need to know what it is..a) urine b) pus c).
From what you describe it certainly sounds like a leakage of urine and I agree with the post of Buenchico above.
Make sure that the area around the tube exiting from the skin is kept as dry as possible otherwise the skin will become red and excoriated.
No big deal at the moment, but watch it carefully, particularly if it thickens (the discharge)and you start to feel feverish in which case get medical advice.

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Supra Pubic Catheter Problem

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