Disposable Socks?

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hc4361 | 15:25 Fri 02nd Dec 2016 | Body & Soul
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Does anyone know where I can buy disposable socks that are suitable for keeping heavily moisturised feet covered and slippers/shoes/bedding clean?

The gunky stuff makes wool stick and leaves cotton too manky to wash. I want a very cheap sock that is meant to be thrown away after one wear. Something similar to latex gloves, perhaps?


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google disposable socks on amazon. several options.
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Thanks for that, woofgang, that was the first place I looked. I can't see anything suitable there, just pop sock tight thingies for trying on shoes in shops. That wouldn't stop the cream coming through. If you have seen something I've missed, a link will be much appreciated
I was given a given of a foot care kit with towelling socks to wear when I applied the cream
it was a baylis and harding set
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Thanks mallyh but she's having to slather thick, gloopy emollient three or four times a day and when she take the socks off they are only fit for the bin.
How cheap do you need them.?...I know that Primark do a five-pack of "cotton-rich" trainer socks for £2....40 pence a pair, not bad.
I buy several packs a year and treat them as "almost disposable"!
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Thanks, gingejbee. I've never been to Primark. We'll give them a try
Google "moisturising socks" you will find a lot available and reviews say that some are washable. Cheapest seems to be Wilko at 95p
What you want are the type of socks that are given in airline amenity packs. They are designed to be worn once and then binned. Maybe you could check out suppliers
I use lengths of tubular bandage which I cut to fit from a long length of it.
I have nummular dermatitis around the heel area of one of my looks just the same as the photo you posted on an earlier thread which is why I suggested that's what it could be. Mine was diagnosed by the consultant dermatologist at the hospital. I too have to use a very sticky ointment four times a day.
The tubular bandage stays in place really well, I use each bit a number of times rather than binning it after one use.
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Aha! Tubular bandage might be just the thing :)

Palmoplanter pustolosis psoriasis in this case.

I thought I'd read somewhere that it was athletes foot, obviously got that wrong.
Mine was thought initially to be psoriasis, whatever it is it's proving to be very difficult to shift. I thought it had gone but it seems to have reared its ugly head again over the last couple of days.
Best of luck with it all, stuff like this can have a really bad affect overall.
hc, i found these but a bit expensive? User Recommendation
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It was diagnosed as athletes foot but was wrong - the foot got much worse with treating it for that.

Thanks, woofgang, but they are FAR too expensive. Not that I'm tight, or anything, very generous I am.
hc, I also use Boots brand adhesive dressings once I've put the ointment on, then the tubular bandage, if I'm going out and know I'll be walking around a fair bit. It helps keep the ointment in direct contact with the area and also stops your shoe rubbing on the sore bit.
I was also going to suggest something like airline socks. Mind you I have 4 pairs of Virgin socks and I wash and wear them all the time.

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Disposable Socks?

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