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fruitsalad | 19:27 Fri 02nd Dec 2016 | Body & Soul
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I have just turned 59 and haven't had much of a libido for at least a year, but OH who is soon to be 71 has my share as well, is it usual for a man in his 70s to have such a good sex drive? Serious question by the way.


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IMO men lose ability rather than desire which is why they invented those little blue diamond tablets. That said, I've not conducted a survey of 70+ men and their sexual desires.
BTW I believe that the longer you abstain the less you desire, which is a sad state of affairs.
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Loss of libido in either sex can happen at any age - for a variety of reasons and often none.

But it is something you can work on between you.
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As Tom Jones would say..."Its not Unusual"

Sex drive is emotional and needs to be backed up by physical manifestations and that is mainly...the ability to get an erection.
This gets increasingly difficult throughout the 60's 70's and 80's of life.

Some men are not interested and others regard it as essential for normal life.
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^ My reply was of course not aimed at Sqad.
Fruitsalad, have you had your loss of libido investigated?
My reply to Fruit was not meant to be offensive like others may think it was, so I will answer this in another way, It's not affected me
fruit, did you ever try HRT?
Sometimes it is medication that causes it, overwork,or stress. I'd go to see your GP.
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No I haven't ever had it investigated although, I have been to see doctor, I am having blood tests tomorrow, and have never taken HRT doctors I have seen don't seem to want to prescribed it.
If you haven’t mentioned problems that it can help with then I can see why they didn’t want to prescribe it.
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