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237SJ | 16:00 Thu 01st Dec 2016 | Body & Soul
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Hi Sqad. My sickness note runs out today so I thought I`d go to see anothr GP for a second opinion on my eardrum. I haven`t had any vertigo since I did the Epley so if it happens again, I`ll know what to do. The GP (a different one) says that my eardrum isn`t perforated so you were right. He showed me pictures of eardrums and you know that kind of horseshoe shape that you can see (I think it`s a bone)? He said that mine is dark so that could have been what the other guy thought was a perforation.


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I am happy with that.
You have a scared eardrum but an intact eardrum.
I am always right ...;-)
Thanks for the feedback.
Now we must monitor the vertigo.
Sqad, how does one scare an eardrum?

Sj, could an problem impact on your ability to do your job? scarred.....;-)
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Wolf - yes, big time
I got early retirement on health grounds when I was 40. 13 years down the line I can see that it was the right move.

Good luck in your move - whatever happens

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Wolf - I`m not going anywhere. I will be carried off that 747 in a box one day :-)
Do you get extra payment for "death in service"?

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Apperently - yes.

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Update For Sqad

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