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shannonbitzy | 21:52 Mon 03rd Oct 2005 | Body & Soul
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hi everyone

is it physically possible for men to refrain from masturbating?  I have known men to tell me in the past that they dont do it , they much prefer to have sex and to do it themselves is a bit rubbish , but if this board  is anything to go by when this question was brought up before, for men to refrain from relieving themselves if they havent had sex for a while is absolutely impossible.If men cant refrain(not that im saying they should refrain) how often would you say the average man would need to maturbate?I know this might sound like a strange question but i would really like some honest answers, not just men being all macho and saying they have to do it  so they dont think theyre abnormal . As a female i will admit to being able to going for a long time before i start to feel  a bit frustrated but maybe thats just me!

hope ive not offended anyone with this message


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No offence at all - I have to have some kind of "action" at least every 4 days or my moods go totally mental in I wind up going crazy. It's true!
oh COME.on.we havent got time for that sought of thing!!!were to busy Waiting outside Ann summers for the misses to finish her shopping!(:)
Actually, I think you're a little misinformed when some people imply it's something to be done in the absence of regular sex. It's not an either/or situation - just because you have one doesn't mean you can't have the other; they're not the same thing. A hand shandy is not second best only for when you can't get sex!

Show me a man who says they don't and I'll show you a liar (I'm inclined to extend that comment towards women as well!!!).

Also, I'd pretty much echo the point made by iwbus. Four days is about it - sad w%$ker that I am!!!

I think the notion that men 'can't' go without an orgasm is a myth put about by men in order to obtain sex from less-than-willing partners - file it under the "it's full of protein" myth - it isn't, it's a similar compound to saliva, but I digress.

Any man can 'go without' masturbating for as long as he chooses, his testicles don't sell or hurt or any of that malarky - whether he would like to is another matter.

The physical results of absention are a build-up of seminal fluid, so his next ejaculation may be more copious and thicker than usual - but there is a 'cut-off' point after about two days where the level remains constant - it doesn't continue to build until it goes off like an oil strike. Abstention may mean a man can achieve an erection and ejaculation more quickly than he would after regular and frrequent release, but this again is purely temporary - just the once in most cases.

Rates of masturbation vary from individual to individual, anything from once a day to four or five times a day, depending on age, health, sex drive, and other variables, but the idea that men 'have to' masturbate is another myth - they simply do if they can, because they like it.

Personally, I wouldn't equate masturbation as a substitute for intercourse - to me they are as different as steak and ice-cream - you can enjoy both for different reasons.

The biological 'urge to ejaculate' is obviously stronger in the male species, as the sexual predator, but any  man who wants to refrain, can, for as long as he chooses.

I heard that the semen leaks out, if a man never masturbates? Is that a myth then?

Yes, it's a myth - file it with the others.


You have asked for honest answers so i guess i better not hold back in coming forwards.

At the Moment I am single and am generally masturbating 2 times a day (Minimum), not saying that being single makes you masturbate more or less. I suppose even if i was with a woman I would probably masturbate less and get her to do it for me and vice versa :).

As regards abstention I have gone 6 months without Masturbating but found that when I did start again it was much more pleasurable and yes I seemed to ejaculate more, although i tend to disagree with andy_hughes that men are designed to masturbate more. maybe its just a weird theory that i haven't come across.

Well there you go Shannobitzy yourself and the rest of AB are now aware of my masturbation routines. So there you go I_TRIED to answer you as Honestly as i could without being censored or censoring xxx

Hello I_Tried - I'm not sure what you meant about my 'weird theory' - I haven't said that men "masturbate more ..." - because I would have qualified that statement with a comparison - " ... men masturbate more than ...", but I didn't, because I didn't say that they do.

I think i agree with Andy H, I could refrain from masturbating, BUT i enjoy it. It depends on how i feel i dont use it as a release if i can have sex, but as another means of enjoyment. My wife on the other hand as never masturbated ?? so she tells me, i tend to beleive her as well, she thinks its dirty. On average i will masturbate once every other day wether i have had sex with my wife or not.

Hope that helps Shannon

Masturbation is healthy as it simply relieves tension or stress. Refraining from it is only temporarily possible I would imagine since there is so much relief and enjoyment involved.
It can be anything from once a day to once a week for me (39 year old, married).

Sometimes, oiling the equipment is just a quick frustration fix.

Masturbation is healthy, I agree. It is also very enjoyable wether you are performing it yourself or someone doing it to you.
I was told it make you go blind.
5 or 6 times a week I reckon for me - better than a dose of Nytol to help you sleep, and better than an espresso for waking you up in the morning. Weird.

Read this!!! 

I remember reading about this when it was published.  The report went on to say that a much earlier study had apparently revealed no difference between the two groups studied, but the "control group" (ie the non-masturbators) which was used was a sample of Catholic Priests!!!, and that the study had possibly made a false assumption or two.  I think the earlier study was in the days when even researchers felt they couldn't ask direct questions about sex.  Fortunately for me (now 64), I ignored the instructions of my teachers at my Catholic grammar school and indulged enthusiatically.

I'd just like to comment on KittyGltters question, If a man goes without sex or masturbationf for  what for him would would be an abnormal amount of time, then he might get what is commonly known as a 'wet dream' an ejaculation while asleep.
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hi everyone

thank you for all your replies and not thinking im wierd for asking,especially Andy Hughes and I_tried, they were all very interesting, i have nothing against masturbation  at all but its just i wanted to know whether there was any truth in the way some men make out they would almost explode or something if they didnt.. ! I really appreciate the time taken by everyone

thanks again

this website is great!!


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