Horrid Cold

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glenbar | 17:45 Fri 16th Jan 2015 | Body & Soul
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I know people will think I am being paranoid and if I am honest I think I may be, but for the past three days I have had the mother of all colds. Cant remember when I last had one like it and have felt absolutely rotten. My question is this. I usually make sure I do some walking during the day but simply haven't felt well enough this week and listening to all the reports regarding exercise its worrying me. I hope I shall feel up to it tomorrow as I don't feel right if I don't do some walking. By the way I am a daft 73 yr old. Thank you


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sorry, i still don't know what your question is glen?
I don't think missing 3 days-worth of walks will make all that much difference, glenbar. It's the basic fitness you build up from constant exercise that counts. OH missed about a weed of short dog-walks when he had a leg op. and is now back to full walking regime with no obvious effects.
^^^^ week, not weed - sorry, broken wrist is a bit of a nuisance when typing.
The reports recently have been about people who never get any exercise at all.

I don't think a week off from exercise is anything to worry about.

Mind you, when you are feeling up to it, a bit of fresh air might do you the world of good.
The best thing to do when you have got a virus is rest. The body knows what it is doing when it makes us not feel well enough to exercise.
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Thank you to everyone. My sensible side said it but this week I have done hardly anything and I felt so guilty.
You will get back to walking when your body is ready to do it. No need to feel guilty. If you can't do it, you can't do it. Think about how good it will feel when you finally step through the door with your trainers on. Look after yourself, glen.
glenbar, three days is not long, I have my horrible cold since end of December, it has gone from cold, to earache to dizziness and I still can't shake it off.

I am ain't ing to get back on my treadmill but have no energy.

Waiting ^^^^^ that should read.

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Horrid Cold

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