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Bazile | 13:52 Thu 15th May 2014 | Body & Soul
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Yet another question re this drug .

Are you in the high or a low risk group and taking statins ?


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High risk group and YES...I am.
High risk and yes - Atorvastatin
I don't know if I'm high or low risk? I am wondering if I should ask for them or not because of the side effects.
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//Asked if he believed statins were safe to take, Sir Rory said trials of more than 100,000 patients showed there was "a very very low risk of muscle problems" and a "small increase in diabetes". //

What does '' small increase in diabetes ' means - it would be more useful if he had given a percentage for an individual

whirly...LOL..I know, i know....difficult particularly as the medical profession may change it's guide lines in 5 years time.

From your profile, you are a female.
If your blood pressure is normal, if you haven't had a heart attack or stroke and if there is no family history of stroke and your cholesterol is normal (whatever that means), then I would NOT take statins.

just my opinion.
I guess it's "take your pick" what statistics to believe.
Thanks Squad.
My cholesterol is normal so I don't take them.
Bazile......a good question.
I have not opened your link.
Muscle problems that are life threatening are exceedingly rare, but muscle problems that are debilitating but not life threatening are more common than many in the medical world will admit to.

Diabetes........common anyway and getting increasingly more common in those NOT taking statins.
Just been on the news that two of the reports decrying the use of satins have had to be retracted by the authors who admitted their statistics were flawed.
There is a history of high cholesterol in my family and when I was diagnosed with a reading well into double figures I was put on statins immediately. My 2 sons were also tested - the eldest came back with a reading of 8 and was prescribed statins - although he doesn't take them - and the other came back with a reading of 6 and was told that he wasn't going to be prescribed them as he would be able to lower his reading by simply changing his diet. My last check showed 5.5 my eldest is still 8 and my youngest is 4.8
WELSHYORKIE, that was enlightening, so I appear to be at the same level as your eldest son at 5.5, so I must be on the "borderline".
marvel, can I please ask you what is your normal reading ?
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A member of my family had a TIA ( Transient ishaemic Attack / mini stroke ) and was put on atorvastatin .

Would someone who has had a TIA , be placed in a high risk group ?
Bazile...yes without doubt.
im high risk. and I will continue taking them..............muscle problems I can put up with. where as death...................
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To be honest I am not sure whirlyhurly, my rheumatologist just said my cholesterol reading was perfect.
Whirly - I'm the one at 5.5 and I take them. I also am a little careful with diet - not eating too much in the way of saturated fats, but I do love my biccies and cream doughnuts............
Sorry Bazile, to bring up the question of cholesterol on your post.

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