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midagetrolop | 14:12 Mon 06th Jan 2020 | Body & Soul
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Been for my annual MOT at docs this morning. Cholesterol level 5.2 asked if I wanted to go on statins. I said I thought my level was pretty normal as it had dropped significantly. The nurse said statins are not for cholesterol levels. I am very confused because this is all you hear if you have high cholesterol go on statins - and I am not on my own after discussing this with people - what are they for then?


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My GP told me they are for Cholesterol,too much leg pain so stopped taking them.
I've been on statins for years - always assumed for cholesterol. About 6 months ago doc said he was doubling the dose (for everyone). Since then I've been having increasing multiple joint pain. I'm going to have to reconsider if they are worth the trouble.
They are not worth the trouble,davebro,imo.That is the pain I am talking about.
Or you could take half the dose.
It's a puzzle - doc said increasing the dose (10mg to 20mg / day I think) was because the lower dose didn't work - no tests were ordered though.

If the lower dose doesn't work & the higher dose causes joint pain then what's the point?
I'll get an appt. to discuss it.
So if the nurse said that statins are not for cholesterol reduction, did she say what they are for?
The nurse was talking through her hat. They are prescribed for lowering cholesterol levels. I would ring the surgery and get a telephone appointment with a gp and tell the gp what the nurse said and see what the gp has to say.
I’ve been on statins for about ten years and never had any side effects, neither have all the people I know who are also on them.
Also been on them for years without any side effects, but there a different types of statin so maybe some do produce side effects. Mine are Atorvastatin.
// They are not worth the trouble,davebro,imo.That is the pain I am talking about.//

well of course it depends on you

50% are not on statins after 5 y

I'm on Atorvastatin 10mg (the same as Danny) and have never had any side effects. I have read that Atorvastatin is more expensive than other statins which is why there is a reluctance to prescribe them
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Thanks all - one or two answers made me laugh. She said they would protect me from heart attack - due to my age and heart trouble. I am 72 and my heart trouble was SVT - which has been sorted with an ablation and pacemaker and I have never been better ( I had it for 25 years controlled by bet-blockers but it went out of control). I am very mistrusting of the medical profession trying to get you on drugs, that they may get extra money for.
Me too - Atorvastatin (Lipitor) - was OK with the 10mg. It's the increased dose seems to be giving me problems (if indeed it is connected). I think there's a blood test for whatever it is in the blood that may cause joint pain. Will ask the doc.
they protect you from heart trouble by lowering your cholesterol. Are you sure it was a nurse and not the village idiot?
Wouldn't it make more sense to attempt dietary changes first?
Doctors rarely do that though.
I have been on Atorvastatin for many years due to my Cholesterol being at 12. I was on the 80mg dose to start with but found that I was getting real bad pain in my calves. Now that I am on the lower 40mg dose it is not so bad. I also have to take a tablet for very high Triglycerides which I was told is connected to Cholesterol.

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