which does most damage?

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dannyday5821 | 03:52 Tue 01st Nov 2011 | Body & Soul
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Im just curious... which does most damage?

smoking between 2-3-4 joints a night regularly (atleast for 2 weeks a month) or taking the occasional 2 tablets of OTC cocodamol (for both pain relief and for the buzz)

i used to smoke weed but have now stopped - and when i was at my worst i did smoke that much... sometimes it got to the point i had too much on me and just smoked it to get rid of it

thats probably about two years ago now - i got some wierd chest problem so had to stop it (nothing bad just inflammation of the cartaidge) - but i was given cocodamol 30/500 as pain relief and i wont lie i loved em! ive always been sensitive to meds but they made me feel sky frickin high!

after i never touched them again - but i randomly got an insane 3 days of god awful migraines (i think its my job they did an MRI scan found nothing so they think its bad posture... or somethin...) and they gave me nothing but advised OTC stuff - to get rid of it i asked for the most powerful ones which were 12mg codine i think.

again loved the wierd feeling - since then - mostly out of bordem i sometimes take the 2 everynow and then just for the feeling again. honestly - when i do - i only ever take 2 for the day - even when i have the migraines of the chest pain - i rarley take more than 2 for longer than 3 days (majority only 2 days)

question is - is smoking weed long term worse than taking 2 OTC cocodamol every now and then?

(again if im honest i got literally given back in summer some 30/500 someone didnt want so i did abuse them again only 2 a day though)

i once watched a programme about people who took up 40+ or 60+ NEVER do that!


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Simple answer is yes, smoking weed will do more damage than the occasional OTC co-codamol - I'm surprised you need to ask really
My issue with stuff you buy from dealers is that you have no quality control. If, god forbid, your cocodamol proved to be half Vim, you know that you could make a lot of money by suing the makers. So your weed is half oregano, privet or grass cuttings - whay you gonna do?
Not even going into the handling, storage and packaging issues. A good friend just lost several stone in a week from dysentry, having experimented with some Somali qat leaves - probably picked and handled by people without access to bathrooms and soap.
In addition, inhaling smoke of any kind isn't what your lungs were designed for.
I know exactly what you mean Danny. Being a female, there are certain times of the month pain killers come in handy. I discovered Feminax Plus tablets which contained codeine and whilst they definitely helped with the pain I loved the strange buzzy feeling they gave you so much that I would sometimes convince myself I had cramps just as an excuse to take a couple.

It obviously isn't something you shoudl be doing on a regular basis but I can't see any harm in occasionally taking a couple of pills.
Why would an OTC drug be laced with Vim?
Am i right in thinking by saying weed you mean the green variety? which is much stronger but im sure you know this.
as cannibis suppresses your emotions, im imagining codine based meds would do so too. taken long term, so if you run out or stop, all your emotions will come fooding back, possible making you feel a little unhinged.for a while.
its best being straight man.

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