How many times has death awaken you?

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Cowtipper | 09:11 Sat 21st May 2011 | Body & Soul
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How many times has death awaken you?
How many times to enter its thrall?
To all the times it has forsaken you?
How many times have you heard its call?

In the late hours its taken to you
its lonely cries within your soul
a quick end its been promised to you
how many have hear its call?

Within a fifth of rum its called to you
and denied to it has had you all?
Would I be the only one that;s heard its call?

Too many times I've heard it called my name
Too many times I've felt it all
So many I would leave behind
They won't ever feel me call

So to you all I will say goodnight tonight
And I'll crawl myself into bed
I'll leave behind these calls to me
And I'll face tomorrow with my dread

Two more nights and I'll be laid to rest
Two more nights and I'll be lost
If I can rest tonight I'll be fine today
If I can't I will be lost
And if I can't lay tonight it will be too late

So goodnight I say to all.


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Very positive thoughts to start the weekend!
Very cheery! You should read Robert Service or listen to Johnny Cash!
Look up 'Beyond The Iron Gates' by K Spink
....Th-Th-Th- That's all folks!!!
Another Rapture thread ?
OMG, that's really cheered me up for the weekend!!
Well, that's cheery, cowtipper....
I noticed the mention of rum, was this penned to docspock by any chance?
''Two more nights and I'll be lost''

I feel much the same about Monday mornings...
Oh dear!! Sooo glad I'm a positive thinker!

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How many times has death awaken you?

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