bowels and pain

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numnut1 | 13:32 Sun 28th Nov 2010 | Health & Fitness
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sorry nasty subject but this morning i had the most intense pain in lower abdomen and back was doubled over felt like labour pains but lower down if you can understand managed to get to toilet where quite a bit of blood just fell out!!! i have now just got an aching dull pain which is manageable! bit concerned any ideas please!!


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It could be IBS but I don't know about the blood loss. Best to get it checked out by your GP.
If it was me I'd phone NHS24 and keep at them till they arranged to have me seen at a hospital.
The acute onset would suggest that we are not dealing with a life threatening disorder.

To conditions come to mind a) Haemorrhoids (piles) and b)diverticulosis

No need to be overtly concerned, just monitor the situation and see you GP in the morning.
Sorry, I forgot to add that your symptoms manifest in ulcerative colitis but that's really for a professional to diagnose.
If the pain was on the left lower side I`d expect IBS, but on the lower right then possibly appendicitis. See your GP to verify any loss of blood.
How do you know that blood came out?
I suffer from IBS but have never had any blood loss.....

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bowels and pain

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