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dee2912 | 23:18 Fri 09th Jul 2010 | Health & Fitness
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Hi i have had sore teeth while flying massive pain on the left hand side of my mouth for years now and had endless dental treatment at the present time my dentist is changing my filling incase i am having a reaction to other fillings i have, but i went to the doctor today and he told me that it was defo sinus related no questions asked, but i had taken sudafeed once before jus before i flew an i still had a toothache thats why i thought it wasnt sinus related but my doc said take them 3 days before you fly any1 any thoughts??


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Hi Dee, when you posted this before http://www.theanswerb...s/Question912393.html several of us could identify your problem (or what we thought it was). I suppose the doc saying to take Sudafed for 3 days before you fly is attempting to ease your sinus problems if there is infection - it's a start but (and I don't want to spoil your trip) I am not confident about it. My OH - as I said before - had the severe pain you describe because his sinuses were seriously blocked and the pressure in the cabin couldn't balance with the pressure inside his head. If you are determined to go on your hen do then do be prepared, hopefully it will work but you can't take extra painkillers at the same time as Sudafed, if it doesn't. Fingers crossed a course of Sudafed will help but you will need to take them for the home trip too, and if I remember rightly you are not supposed to drink while you're on Sudafed - so you would have a dry weekend! I would have hoped he might have given you a nasal spray too to help ease the congestion but obviously he's trying another route. At least if you go, and you still get pain, you will know his suggestion doesn't work and can get back to the GP quickly for further investigation. I know how vile the pain is - I hope it works.
PS as we said before, don't let the dentist do anything else unnecessary while the sinus problem is being investigated - no point in having all your fillings done (and the expense) if that's not the problem. Now you know it's medical not dental, according to the GP!
Sorry to disagree with your doctors diagnosis, but it doesn't sound like a sinus problem to me, but a sinus X-Ray would soon put that issue to the test.

I agree with your dentist in that it sounds a dental problem.
Hi Sqad - I would not challenge your clinical opinion without more information, but my husband had exactly the same - severe head pain when about about 4000ft (either on land or in the air), and his problem was 100% cured by surgery to his sinuses to open the routes leaving from the sinuses, so that the air pressure could balance when at high altitude. As you suggest, the problem for him was diagnosed with an MRI scan.
^^ above about 4000ft
boxtops........I am not saying that sinus disorders do not cause toothache during high flight in aeroplanes.....they do, but they are not the commonest cause of toothache during flights, dental problems fill that bill.

What evidence have we got from the post that the poster has sinus problems, NONE, so until the diagnosis of sinus pathology is established, the commonest cause disorders.
Interesting sqad - I will hold judgement, then, until dee knows more. I can only speak from our experience!
boxtops...please...I am not questioning or criticising your post, it being factual and well written.

Any naso-sinus disorder may lead to headache or toothache during flights.
boxtop....I have re-read the question again and dee describes toothache not pain in the face.

In my opinion pain in the face may be due to disorders of the nose and sinuses, but toothache, as dee describes, is more likely due to dental problems.
if you`re talking about pain when flying, it`s sinus, no question

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