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barina09 | 11:29 Wed 18th Mar 2009 | Health & Fitness
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What are the treatments and drugs to treat Impotence?


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It'd probably depend what is causing the impotence. Have you/person in question made an appt at GP?
1) Viagra
2) Cialis
3)Caverject (alprostadil.)

Non drugs....vacuum device.
Non drugs....vacuum device-in otherwords an experienced hooker with no teeth and big lungs. should be so lucky.
Wed 18/03/09
12:59 should be so lucky.

Sqad,a vicious strain of Genital warts and herpes says i was'nt so lucky.
chimp....LOL LOL
Viagra. thought of that one.
How old is the subject?
A new partner?
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