ouch my ears

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mydogsandme | 12:43 Thu 24th Jul 2008 | Health & Fitness
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My hay fever/sinuses/virus has resulted the last couple of days in this horrible earache. It's more a general feeling of heat and pressure in them and making me feel dizzy and yuck,like my head will explode. Nurofen have done nothing. Is there anything I can do myself? I really don't want anti-biotics and strong tablets make me sick.


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Could have inflamed your inner ear and given you a touch of an ear infection or labryinthitis.

If an infection then you may need antibiotics to clear it.

There are tablets which can help like betahistines or serc.

Get your GP to check your ears out and see if they can give you anything to help. Maybe some kin do fnasal pray if conencted to your sinuses.
are you taking antihistamines?
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just started antihistamines and they do feel slightly better today.

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ouch my ears

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