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Chasingcars | 23:15 Fri 26th Jan 2024 | Health & Fitness
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Is anyone familiar with this type of Physical therapy treatment?

It's quite new and advanced, not many people do it....

Anyway a good friend of mine is a  qualified practitioner in it and went for my first sessions today (to look to treat stiff shoulder after BC surgery and radiotherapy) 

Anyway long story short, I was told that it was basically my fault I got cancer! Because of the way I use/ dont use my body/ dont breath correctly and run off adrenaline and stress...!

I was a little shocked by this, as In my case cancer was hormonal....

Anyway hoping someone out there can explain for me as this shocked me a little.

I've asked him to write down what he said because I had a 2 hour session and lots to remember so cant recall his exact wording but that was what he was implying which upset me a little!



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sounds like offensive rubbish to me. You need better friends.

"It's quite new and advanced, not many people do it...."


Sounds like a scam to me. Is your 'friend' charging you for this quack medicine?

Having spent about 10 minutes googling for info, it appears to basically be the ideas of just one guy (Douglas Heel) who, I suspect, knows far more about getting publicity than he actually does about the human body.

He can certainly talk the talk!

Snake oil salesman

Question Author

No he hasn't charged me, he offered me a free session. But he does charge clients £100/HR... Many top golfers and sports people.

Douglas Heel, that's it. He's done sessions and training with him.

I get some of the basics , like breathing techniques etc but to say I've caused my own cancer seemed a little cruel.

I'm seeing my surgeon in a couple of weeks and want to know if she's ever heard of this and her take...!

Some people's personality suits their name. 

Here is a perfect example ...

I'd have nothing more to do with him, he's the worst kind of idiot - a cruel idiot.

I would expect someone who's genuinely found a new technique for helping people with physiological problems to maintain a database of all the people that he's trained, so that
(a) he can direct potential clients to them ; and
(b) he can strike practitioners off the list if they're making claims which could bring the 'Be Activated' brand name into disrepute. (e.g. by telling people that they'vecaused their own cancer).

Douglas Heel's website though states that he doesn't have such a database of practitioners.
To me, that smacks of a "just take the money and run" approach to the way that he trains new practitioners.

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