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1rovert | 16:34 Sat 11th Aug 2018 | Health & Fitness
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I am disabled and sit on a chair all day, but most of the pillows I have seen medical or otherwise, after a while. just go flat, or are slipery, hence causing me to be very sore.
Any Suggestions ?

Thanks in advance.


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Have you got a proper one to prevent bedsores to sit on rovert? x
are you seeing a district nurse or skin care specialist nurse? There are pressure relieving devices that can be prescribed but it needs to be the right kind and they are very expensive to buy privately. Speak to whoever is involved with your medical care about your soreness. There are other simple things you can do like wearing underwear made from natural fibres and so on but you need proper advice.
1.Please see Amazon UK for a picture of "Repose Pressure Relieving Cushion and Pump Single"
2.I have successfully used this type of cushion for 10 years.
3. My GP supplied a prescription for it and it was delivered to my home cost free from the Brighton and Hove NRS branch whose telephone number is 01273-894350
4.The NRS description is "Catalogue No. L37710,Cushion Gel Flo-Tech Solution"
5. You could try phoning 01273-894350 for the number of your local NRS branch.

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Thanks Arjay, when I win the pools I'll get one, ha ha.
Thank you all, I'll get onto the local nurse.

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