Mentally Ill Girl's Suicide State-Sanctioned.

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Canary42 | 21:56 Thu 09th Aug 2018 | Health & Fitness
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I find this immensely disturbing.

Could it happen here ?


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//Could it happen here ? //
I sincerely hope not Canary.
Ive had a few times in my own life where suicide seemed to be the only option. Thankfully Im still here. Life still seems a grind at times but better than the alternative!!
It is very disturbing, however if we consider people are entitled to choose do we then put limits on age and type of illness?

I really don't know.
However, I do 'get' that for some people, merely existing can be a nightmare.
I'm genuinely conflicted about this and would hate for it to be my call. x
This was on the Been this morning
er no to answer the question - no it could not happen here under current conditions
( current conditions are no guide to conditions in the future)

this is a replay of what happened there ten or fifteen y ago
The psychs were saying that the desire to die was a sign of her disease and could be treated - so she would not want to die
and wasnt the logical outcome of what she was suffering

they sort of lost ( as happened ten or 15 y ago)
//I'm genuinely conflicted about this and would hate for it to be my call//
Kval, you're so young. I too was conflicted at your age as well about similar subjects. Im now 52 and just as conflicted. It doesn't get any better. Just so you know it doesn't get any better with age ;-)
How very, very sad. My answer is a definite NO.
I have on going mental health problems, I have been suicidal and I also believe in euthanasia but I am not completely at ease with the state getting involved in suicides.
this sort of thing is exactly why I always oppose assisted suicide.
noe me
my life expectancy is short enough without me er making it shorter
If it can happen in one country it could happen here or in any other. We're all humans making human decisions in a human society.

As for the incident, I don't see the morality as bring clear cut. Someone claims they're suffering, past treatment hasn't alleviated it. How right is it to insist they continue rather than help with their choice ? Differing opinions seem equally valid.
Surely it she was mentally ill she was incapable of choosing her own death ?
At least her parents can take some comfort in knowing that this is what she wanted. The parents of that 18 years old skateboarding girl who committed suicide a fortnight ago will never know what drove her to do it.
Would depend on what manner of mental issues she suffered from.
I read the whole thing and watched the video a couple of days ago. I found it really upsetting. Had she had a terminal illness, it would have been easier to accept. As an aside, I thought the chap at the crematorium was wonderful. He must have found it upsetting too and quite bizarre.
It's going to be a very individual thing. There are mental illnesses that are not curable. It disturbs me too that we only see physical pain as a problem. In this case, she was very consistent about her wishes over a very long time. It sounds like a compassionate decision.

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Mentally Ill Girl's Suicide State-Sanctioned.

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