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High Cholesterol

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crapmemory | 18:42 Thu 09th Nov 2017 | Health & Fitness
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I decided to go back to the gym at the age of 63. I a bit overweight, have high blood pressure and COPD. I thought by eating healthier and exercising would help. I was surprised when I went to my GP for my annual blood pressure check to be told that my blood test has revealed that my cholesterol is high so I have been put on statins. Needless to say I was disappointed that my fitness regime done nothing to improve it. As I already eat quite healthily, I wondered if anyone has the same problem and if you have found any way of reducing it. TIA.


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There are quite a few inherited conditions that cause high cholesterol.
How bad is bad....and the other things is what your good cholesterol is as in relationship to the bad stuff.

I was at 5.1 mmol/L and I could see the doctor getting on his sales pitch. Nipped that one, (i) I haven't dieted before the test, which the Americans recommend to get to the real baseline and not measure the steak last night and (ii) it was your mate who recommended the all-protein and veg diet and my cholesterol is surely bound to go up (from 4.8 mmol/L). My HDL (the good stuff) was at 88 mmol/L - so nothing wrong there. For the latter, apples, red wine and pistachios are good, so is weight loss and say 60 mins of exercise a week.
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Thank you both. My dad had angina and died of a heart attack which puts me at a higher risk. I exercise for 4 hours a week but my cholesterol is in double figures. I don't drink but I do like pistachio nuts. I think I shall have to learn to live with it :)
Aged 63 years of age....high BP and slightly overweight with an high cholesterol. Not an unusual situation, however you haven't given us a breakdown of your cholesterol components HDL(good cholesterol) and LDL (bad cholesterol)......your increase may be due to "good" cholesterol...although as your GP has put you on statins, I doubt it.

" As I already eat quite healthily, "
Main stream medicine tells us to cut down on fatty foods. cheese, eggs .....etc to reduce your cholesterol. I assume that eating healthily is that above you are referring to. However...I am not at all that diet and "healthy eating " has anything to do with a high cholesterol and I have my reasons. Another personal opinion is that i feel that the association between heart attacks, strokes and arterial disease is overstated.

You doctor has followed mainstream medical advice and put you on statins which is the only sure way of reducing your cholesterol.

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High Cholesterol

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