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Any Ideas Why Feeling Ill After 2 Weeks

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lilacben | 22:13 Mon 06th Nov 2017 | Health & Fitness
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Been ill for over 2 weeks . started on a cruise .sore throat.cough...heavy cold and throat crocky... bad headache still coughing so much it makes me physically be sick. Headache and sleeping all the time ...just got no energy to do anything .? . Is it worth going to doctors ? also it feels like I am having breathing problems..just in the back of my throat / upper chest?


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Definitely worth going to get checked out, hope you feel better soon.
Obviously not just a normal cold. 'Cruise' = air-con and confined group of people. Some sort of virus at a guess. I would go to the Dr's t.b.h. - it could even be Legionnaires Disease! (Unlikely, but it's gone on too long. :0

Breathing problems:- you may have been teetering on the brink of asthma and virus has tipped you into it (happened to me). Def. see your GP. !
I tried to shake off similar symptoms until I collapsed with pneumonia. Definitely one for the Doctor.
Sounds like a viral infection....go to the doctors if that would satisfy and reassure you, but I wouldn't at this stage. Many virus infections with particularly cough last for more than 2 weeks and the cough may last for 6-7 weeks. Drink plenty, Ibuprofen 400mgms every 4-6 hours as necessary and it should settle.
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Sqad many thanks.... I will leave it and see how it goes...but infection didnt seem temp mainly.
i would be off to see the doctor by now. hope they sort it out for you.

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Any Ideas Why Feeling Ill After 2 Weeks

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