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cassa333 | 10:25 Fri 23rd Oct 2015 | Health & Fitness
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I have had hearing aids for about a fortnight now and I know that it takes about a month to get used to them but one of them there is more static noise than sound coming through. It is worse than my tinnitus as this is constant.

Will I get used to the noise and 'tune it out' or do you think there is something wrong?



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That's not right.....take it back to the Audiology Dept.
Have you got the ones with a button to press with 3 different settings. If you have then you may have got the wrong setting switched on. Try pressing the button and see if that helps. You may have caught it accidentally. One setting is for the 'loop system' which you get in banks etc.
It may be a bad fit, it has to be well located in your ear. If pressing it in tighter doesn't make the sound stop, you will have to return it for testing.
as somebody said if the little switch is in the middle - it is on the loop - could cause static. Actually move the little switch up midddle and down and try/hear both 3 until maybe you feel or hear it a bit different. Another thing Cassa - it takes more than a month to get used to hearing aid - far more time than that. Another thing make sure you SHOVE the mould well into your ear - that causes you another headache.

I am wearing hearing aid all my life but no matter where I went loop system never worked for me so give that a miss ( for me any way).
Can I ask is NHS or private
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It only has a volume switch but she said they turned it off because too many people kept fiddling with it
for god's sake you need the volume switch to find correct volume for you. If not go back to audiology - these places haven't a minute for you - but just insist they show you over and over again. My neighbour got one and I have been over about 4 times to show her how to use it - she couldn't actually get the bloody mould in. Now she is great and loves it. Get that volume sorted out right away.
I know what Cassa is talking about - too many people do fiddle with it -particularly elderly people as it is an irritant in their ears so the audiology get fed up with such a minor detail to them but a big thing to the wearer. Are you in Belfast or Co Down by any chance because we have a little company coming round to a venue every wednesday to help people with their hearing aids. I am wearing one for hundreds of years and still get probs with the mould and particulrly the tubing - forgive spelling too tired to fix up.
My hearing aids are NHS digital. When they originally set them I complained that when I tried to adjust the volume it didn't increase/decrease and was told that older people get in a muddle. I informed them that I wanted and needed the facility to enable different areas where I would want to adjust it myself. I didn't see the point in not being able to do just that. They made the necessary adjustment and they are fine now. I do get periods when they make my ears sore and occasionally get ear infections and more wax is produced. As said by jennyjoan it will take much longer than a month to get used to them.
keep the mould very dry and you shouldn't deffo not get ear infections - they don't go together - I never had one in my life. but mould can get sweaty. Mine are digital too - have bought two or three hearing aids - but hear far better with nhs - only thing wish the mould was "tighter" - I did go back for the "tighter" one but got the same thing. Also if mould is looser you will get "whistling" - just shove the bloody thing in. good luck

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Hearing Aid Problem

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