Hearing Aid And Tinnitus

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cupotee | 13:20 Wed 19th Jun 2013 | Health & Fitness
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Does anyone here have Tinnitus and use a hearing aid?

I have recently aquired my hearing aid but it seems to make the Tinnitus worse while I am using it.

Is there a solution to the problem I wonder.

Thankyou for reading.


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I too wear a hearing aid and suffer from Tinnitus - big time - Tinnitus comes and goes - I never associated it with the hearing aid though.

Tinnitus is an awful thing - but can be caused by stress, medication and silence -
Got a new hearing aid last week from NHS as I have been buying mine for a long time ie £2,000 etc - no more - anyway there was a notice on the door (for Belfast) there are Tinnitus clubs you can attend - look up internet and see if there are any near you. Good luck Conne - hope that advice helped you a wee bit.
\\\I have recently aquired my hearing aid but it seems to make the Tinnitus worse while I am using it.\\\

Is it a hearing aid OR a tinnitus masker?

If it is the latter then it is not calibrated to the same frequency as your tinnitus.........take it back to the Audiology Dept.
cupo - also please force your hearing aid "mould" further into your ear - that can cause "whistling" which wouldn't help.
I have tinnitus and hearing loss on one side only (due to Menieres). If anything, I find the aid helps to minimise the tinnitus. Presumably, the "outside" sound is louder so that the "internal" sound becomes less noticeable.
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Thankyou for the very interesting replies.

Squad is it a Hearing Aid. I never heard of a Tinnitus Masker.

Yes Conne it does come and go especially when stressed. The last time I wore in was Monday and I was stressed at the time. I think I will try it again and make notes of when and where I feel I can't cope it with it and remove it.

I know to push it well into my ear or it whistles. Thats not the noise I am getting. It feels like an engine running in my head.

Thanks for your interest. I will be making mental notes to check it out.
cupotee....LOL...take it back to the Audiology dept, ask them if it is a HA or a masker, tell them you problems and get back to us with the answers.
my tinnitus is "a bee buzzing in and out of my ear" - my cousin gets washing machine effect.

Sqad - I have been attending audiology for a very long time and I genuinely don't think they would have given cupo a masker - I bought one of them privately - they were dirt cheap - but never worked for me.
How many channels does your hearing aid have?
If you have inadvertently set it on the "T" (teleloop) setting you will most definitely get a buzzing in your ear.
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An update. I was with my husband at the Hearing Aid clinic and although I planned on sitting in the waiting area the Audiologist invited me into the room with him.

Lovely lady, who was very helpful to my husband so, I decided as she was including me in the conversation I thought "go for it cuppo"...ask about the Tinnitus. She says Tinnitus shouldn't be any worse using a hearing aid in fact should mask the engine I have running in my head.

She suggested I try it on different settings to see if it helps.

Not tried it yet but plan too tomorrow.
Cupotee - she should have tried the various settings for you whilst you were there - to get the right setting. She is the consultant. For Tinnitus it is dreadful and can last for some time but then again it goes away for a long time - are you on regular medication too - I know I asked this before - but med goes a long with the tinnitus - disappointed for you she did not fix the settings for you - another appointment maybe again if you dont get it right.
I hear all sorts...
Yes i am using recommended by experts from and i am feeling quite well now. Intensity of noise has been reduced. F

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Hearing Aid And Tinnitus

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