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Wound Not Healing..

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sara3 | 08:19 Sat 03rd Aug 2013 | Health & Fitness
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I had an op on both feet back in March. the stitches burst on my right foot, and butterfly stitches were added. the part of the wound where that happened still hasn't healed. it weeps clear fluid occasionally, scabs, then weeps again. both feet and ankles keep swelling (particularly the right foot around the wound), which I assume isn't helped by the very hot weather.

I'm elevating my feet when I can. the wound is clean (and mostly dry) and uncovered. no one will help me (GP, A&E, Minor Injuries Unit), apart from being offered antibiotics, but it's not infected (this has been confirmed).

I'm trying to see the consultant who did my op, but he's on leave. his secretary should be calling me back on Monday... but I'm flying to Turkey next week and am worried about it.

any suggestions, please? why would it not have healed properly?


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I thought cauterising involved burning!
I realise from your previous posts that you have scant regard for my opinions, but that is your problem, as for me, I will give my opinion and you can do what you like with it.

Manuka honey, salt, cauterisation will do no good at all.

From your description, it is not infected, but the clear fluid certainly indicates the possibility of a foreign body, probably a retained suture.
It may well be that the incision may have to be re-opened and explored and that cannot be done until you return from your Turkey holiday. In the meantime, just a dry dressing or a plaster to keep it from weeping.

You haven't indicated the nature of the operation, but i have guessed it was a bilateral bunnionectomy.

Try and see you surgeon before you go on holiday.
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lol, thank you Sqad. I appreciate your response. for the record, I generally have no issue with your advice but sometimes feel it's not right to say something is "no cause for concern" when a trip to the doc's would be more sensible.

I will try to see the consultant before I go away and do actually think your diagnosis, and possible treatment, is spot on. I had bilateral Morton's Neuromas removed, and it hurt like hell for quite a long time after!
When it's sorted, I've found the iodine dressings to be really good. I had them put on after I had my gallbladder taken out and the largest surgical wound opened up and got infected (though had antibiotics for that I think).
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ewwwww.... poor you :o(

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Wound Not Healing..

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