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Wound Not Healing..

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sara3 | 08:19 Sat 03rd Aug 2013 | Health & Fitness
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I had an op on both feet back in March. the stitches burst on my right foot, and butterfly stitches were added. the part of the wound where that happened still hasn't healed. it weeps clear fluid occasionally, scabs, then weeps again. both feet and ankles keep swelling (particularly the right foot around the wound), which I assume isn't helped by the very hot weather.

I'm elevating my feet when I can. the wound is clean (and mostly dry) and uncovered. no one will help me (GP, A&E, Minor Injuries Unit), apart from being offered antibiotics, but it's not infected (this has been confirmed).

I'm trying to see the consultant who did my op, but he's on leave. his secretary should be calling me back on Monday... but I'm flying to Turkey next week and am worried about it.

any suggestions, please? why would it not have healed properly?


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Have you tried using tea tree aromatherapy oil on it, this seems to be jack of all trades as far as medical conditions are concerned, and I know that Australian soldiers were issued a bottle of it during the war to use on any infection, wound, etc. Dab the neat oil straight on the area affected and see if it helps. Make sure it is good tea tree oil, not one which has been diluted with something else.
It may be worth covering the wound to absorb most of the leaking, which might be weakening the scab as it forms. Try a silver absorbent dressing and hold it in place with a bandage. These kinds of wounds are usually kept covered while they heal. Keep your feet elevated as much as possible, too.
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thanks ladies. I was a bit cautious of putting anything on that might seep into the wound, but my daughter has tea tree oil in her bedroom, somewhere. I'll pluck up the courage to have a look! pixie, it's not leaking often, mainly when it's swollen. I thought airing it was better, but obviously that's not working!

you need to see the practice nurse. I don't understand why everyone is offering antibiotics if it's not infected?
Don't laugh at me but real Manuka Honey works on wounds. Put a bit on a dressing and apply to the wound. Hope your feet get better soon, that's been a long time for you :( xx
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thanks V&C, I might give that a go!

bednobs, I've spoken to the practice nurse on the phone. she said maybe there was a stray stitch left in the wound, but just found a phone no for the consultant's secretary for me. it's so FRUSTRATING!
My mum had similar problem and was given dressings with honey in them by the nurse. I've read recently about turmeric, it has curcumin in it which is antibacterial, anti inflammatory and basically aids healing. You make it into a paste with water put it on a pad a cover the wound. There is lots about it on the web here is an example
V&C is right. Manuka honey is excellent for healing. Expensive, but well worth it. I would still cover, even if not leaking much, as it is probably enough to soften the scab before it's properly healed.
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thanks Ratty, looks like I'll be searching for the honey today! thanks again pixie :o)
You're welcome. Let us know how you get on x
but surely manuka honey works for it's anti-bacterial properties? which is how antibiotics work. And it's not infected.
sara, i know how you feel - i have a wound on my leg that has delayed healing from march. If you make an appt with the PN instead of phoneing, he'll have to look at it!
I had no end of antibiotics for leg ulcers .Did nothing .
Manuka honey dressings cleared them up pdq. the event of no medical help...and I know how you feel...this may just help...manuka has been mentioned too.

I fell in March and although there was no cut on my lower shin at the time the swelling around the damaged area and recent hot weather has caused the skin to split and bleed.
Last week in desperation and not wanting to be treating an ulcer in the future I bought some Manuka Doctor....£25 from H&B.
The result has been amazing. Not only has the cut healed well but the redness that has been around the area since March has calmed to almost normal skin colour.
I still can't believe the result so may be worth a try....x
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thanks again all.

bednobs, you're right. it's not infected but the wound doesn't seem to want to close. I foresee further (very minor!) surgery, and I think I need to see the consultant for that. I'm also not sure about the swelling, which is affecting both feet/ankles :o/
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ouch gness :o(

looks like it's the honey then!
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cheers 10CS, you're all heart!!!
The ointment I got contains Manuka Honey and Bee Venom, Sara but what I am finding odd and for which I have no explanation is that my foot has returned to normal size after five months of not been able to wear shoes and having to occasionally take Furosemide.
Yesterday I went for a forty minute walk in the swelling.
I can't say it's the Manuka Doctor but god bless bees...x
salt is an easy cauteriser of wounds & antiseptic. Mix with water & apply. Hope it heals soon x
I go with vodkancoke. Real Manuka honey is the real deal.

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Wound Not Healing..

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