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Eve | 19:50 Fri 02nd Aug 2013 | Health & Fitness
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Well, Sqad, it seems I am definitely wonky!

Saw physio today about my knees (patella maltracking etc...) and she also noted lumbar lordosis (memories of being teased and called hollow back by an idiot at junior school!), explains why I can't lie flat comfortably though (can get my whole arm behind my back "flat" to the wall!) and my lower back keeps tightening up and locking. She said something about pelvic tilt. I had a lumbar spine xray done a few years back by rhumo when something showed up (no idea what) and was sent for an MRI which was ok.

She said one of my legs has much less muscle mass than the other although the other leg is weaker and lacks movement despite me being hypermobile. I think this meant I'm a bit weird haha!

So it's pelvic exercises, squats and balance and toe rising exercises for me for a while. See orthopaedic consultant in September.


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:-)...thanks for the update.

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