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Corsodyl Mouth Wash

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tali1 | 11:08 Sat 03rd Aug 2013 | Health & Fitness
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Corsodyl mouth wash is it actually really the best mouth wash- or just ad hype?
Tastes vile whatever flavour though


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It has anti bacterial and anti fungal worse than any other mouthwash, in my opinion.
The great advantage of Corsodyl is it's substantivity in that it will remain active in the mouth for longer periods of time, and is still thought to be the 'gold standard' for mouthrinses in the treatment of gingivitis.

However it is not to be used as a 'daily' mouthrinse, only for short concentrated periods when there is a specific reason for doing so. Overuse can result in staining if teeth, taste disturbances, parotid inflammation and sadly recent cases of anaphylaxis.
Mr Puss uses it every single day since he had some blood spitting out his toothpaste after cleaning his teeth.
he uses it religiously every day! He thinks its good and will not stop using it.
My hygienist told me only to use Corsodyl for the first 3 weeks following a professional clean.
If I feel the need for a mouthwash occasionally I use the mildest Listerine.
You should wait 30 mins after brushing before using it so that it is not inhibited by the sodium laureth sulphate in toothpaste
Just repeating what has already been said:

My dentist advised me against prolonged continual use, as it will start to stain the teeth.
I used this after being given a prescription for it, for a mouth infection, and was advised to use it for quite a few weeks. My teeth became badly stained very quickly, and I just could not remove the stain and had to wait for the dentist to use a polishing tool to do so. Would not use it again in a hurry

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Corsodyl Mouth Wash

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