15th cent. vernacular Italian

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Khandro | 10:46 Fri 27th Feb 2009 | Arts & Literature
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I know that in modern Italian, Leonardo's 'The last Supper' is called 'L'Ultima cena', but is that how he would have refered to it?


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'He' being who exactly?
Oh sorry, didn't read you properly. Leonardo da Vinci would have been immersed in Christian traditions so the phrase 'the last supper' would have have had instant meaning to him and all around him.
nope - that still wasn't the question!
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Sorry if my question is not sufficiently precise. What I am asking is simply, how would Leonardo have said "The last supper" , that is to say, how was it called in the parlance of the time?
Do you think he would have called it anything? It was after all just another order, like the majority of his paintings

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15th cent. vernacular Italian

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