Help To Find A Book Needed - Hmso 1930

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wolf63 | 19:09 Mon 17th Jun 2019 | Arts & Literature
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There is a book that our charity has for sale online for £9.99 that I am convinced should be sold at a higher price.

But I can't find anything on Bookfinder, Abebooks etc to back up my claim (so that I can increase the price ☺ )

Can anyone help me find it? I was going to search the British Library but that won't help me find out the value.

• details:- Complete set of instructions on what to do regarding British merchant ships in foreign ports, from "distressed seamen" to "births and deaths"

• HMSO 1930. Very good condition. Hardback.


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Have you tried this website :
It's the Merchant Navy Association website - they might be able to put you in the right direction. Good luck
Question Author
Thank you - that is the sort of information I need.

I will go and have a look. I am checking that we are asking for sensible prices for our books and am down to the ones that I was having trouble with.
I imagine you are stuck between great scarcity and great lack of demand. You can't get the consuls these days. Ideally you'd sell it to the Foreign Office library or some similarly niche collection.
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jno - we manage to sell some to the National Library of Scotland which is great. I think that they are at the stage of having most of the Scottish books ever printed.

You are right - when these books were printed they were boring and only of interest to a few people (people in Consuls and sailors ☺). There can't be many people who want such a book now.

Our main problem is that Oxfam doesn't seem to have worked out a plan to direct people to our online shop. We have 1350 books and music items on-sale for our shop alone - there have to be zillions on their site.

It is the worse site that I have ever seen from a buyers point-of-view, navigation is poor.

Anyway as a volunteer it is not 'my' problem but they could do so much better.

I will leave this link here - pass the word, please!

I will have a look at the book about sailors tomorrow.

well if it's for sale for 9.99 and hasnt sold, i doubt raising the price would hep
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bednobs - that is usually my argument.

But the site is not advertised properly. And once a person gets into the site it is not simple to navigate and the search facility is poor.

Books like this intrigue and annoy me - I can find no trace of it on Google. It may be worth only £9.99 but it's my failure to find it that annoys me. The person who listed the book said they 'guessed' an asking price.
I'll ask OH, who began life as a Merchant Seaman, but not now (Cardiff singer of the year is on).
no correctly priced
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Is that a guess or do you actually know the answer?

That was a very short post from you, are you okay?
don't know if this may be similar and of any help User Recommendation
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Alba it was nice of you to look but mines is dated 1930. I wish I knew what I was doing, it might help.

I will leave it and have a go tomorrow if Frankie gives me some peace.
He has punched me and run off down stairs. Peace!!
this route may be labour intensive, the 1931 (England and Wales) census was destroyed by fire, there must be years of people history completely wiped out.
The births and deaths could be very interesting.

Maybe contact The National Archives?
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Help me - your post, can you tell me if your answer was a stab in the dark or do you have knowledge of such things?

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Help To Find A Book Needed - Hmso 1930

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