Which Course Should I Study At Uni?

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Chloe133 | 17:25 Mon 24th Jun 2019 | Arts & Literature
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I really like to study music, film production and photography. Unfortunetly I can not study 3 of them at once, and I don't really want to do combined courses. I wanted to ask after what course I will still be able to pursue either of those carrers? I like the most music, I am singing from young age but only just have started learning playing on instruments so I am scared that on univeristy level my expierence is too low. Currently I have a place at Manchester metropolian for photography, but I am still consider other options becouse those two other options I like the same or even more and I don't want to regret later. If I finish photography will I still be able to pursue carrer as film producer or after photography will I be able to do master in music. Also is there any studies before master's for example to have two bachelors ?


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You would no doubt receive good advice from a careers adviser. Asking such a technical question on this website would produce many differing answers. A careers adviser would be able to tailor their advice to you, after analysing your preferences and experience. I wish you luck.
You can do as many degrees as you can afford one after the other, but assuming that you aren't rich, can I suggest that you study something that will enable you to earn a living?
I've never known anyone to get a higher education place studying music without having achieved Grade 8 (which is the highest possible grade) in the Royal School of Music's examinations. I simply can't see you being offered a place to study music. Similarly, it's unlikely that you'd be accepted onto a Master's course in music without having achieved at least a 2.1 Bachelor's degree in the subject first.

The Prospects website exists to guide graduates in their career choices but it's well worth looking at even before you get to uni (and, indeed, even before you've decided on what you want to study). For example, the types of jobs which can often be available to photography graduates are shown here:

Here are the equivalent links for film production
and film studies

It's well worth exploring the Prospects site further, as it's full of useful information and advice.

There's nothing to prevent you studying for a second Bachelor's degree after gaining your first one except for the big problem of finance. (You wouldn't be able to get a student loan for such studies). The 'Postgraduate' section of the Prospects site can guide you further.

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