Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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Xollob | 12:31 Mon 18th Jul 2005 | Arts & Literature
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So what does everybody think of the latest installment?


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Best one so far in my opinion. Without giving anything away, I thought the story itself was fantastic and how the characters are being developed is wonderful.

Want to say loads more but can't as will give stuff away!

How about you?

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I thought it was excellent. I think it ranks alongside HP1 and HP3, my personal favourites to date.
Interesting how she grows her style as the characters get older

ooh!!! i haven't finished it yet, i'm on page 517, and i can't wait to finish it, but another part of me wants to read it forever!! i knew about the whole ron/hermione/harry/ginny thing. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO obviuos!!! lol great book!! i want to get to the end. it's been quite predictable so far, what with Snape, etc.

I just finished it today and agree it is definately the best so far well worth the wait i cryed at the end when you know who dies (sad i  know)lol can't wait for the next one. Anyone know when that will be?a while proberly :(

Oh! I haven't got it, I didn't really think I cared much until a little kid came into the shop I work in with one the day it came out, suddenly I wanted it really bad. I wanted to steal from their hands and run out of work all the way home to read it. Hee hee.

Webby, the next one can be expected in two years apperently, now don't you wish you'd made this one last?!


I think I've figured out who the initials R.I.B are. Anyone else think they know?

Also, how's this for a theory - Harry is a Horcrux. Could that work? Or, maybe someone he knows? Thoughts please! x

RAB, isn't it?

But I agree about Harry being a Horecrux!

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Yes, R.A.B. See Wikipedia for the latest gossip. See also this article for a discussion of the various Horcrux theories.

My theory: Snape was acting under Dumbledore's orders and will emerge (and possibly even die) as hero in HP7.

I love it soooo much and am also gutted that I read the thing so damn fast. Was very jelous of a child I saw in the supermarket at lunch time buying it. I couldn't sleep all last night speculating about what will happen in the next book, but the thought of Harry on his own searching for all the horcruxes is so exciting.

End was so sad and Husband didn't understand why I was crying, sounds like a fantastic funeral though dont you think?

Sorry , R.A.B. Anyway, I think that it's going to turn out to be Sirius Black's brother, Regulus or something?

Glad my Horcrux theory isn't completely ridiculous though!

My theory for Snape is that he'll die because of his unbreakable vow to Malfoy. Don't know how but think he'll try to break it.

Loved seeing another side of Malfoy though, crying in the toilets afraid of what had been asked of him. Thought that was a very nice touch.

Also, find Voldemort much more realistic now his past has been explained.

Just a brilliant book!

So, who's with me - Snape's not actually gone evil, despite everything we learn?
I dont think Snape can be evil, I think he may have an unbreakable vow with Dumbledore and that is why he trusts him so much. He definatley knew something we dont anyway.

Snape will be a goody I rekon.

I think that Snape was asked to pretend to be on Voldemort's side by Dumbledore to make up for betraying the Potters. By taking the Unbreakable vow it shows that he is willing to die doing what Dumbledore asked of him. 

I think he'll end up being good but think he'll die. 

I dont think Harry is a Horacrux - if he was, it would have been when he was little - why would he murder Harry's parents to make Harry a Horacrux if he intended to kill him.  Also, from what they said about the snake Nagani, you would be aware that you were holding a piece of someones soul as he had more control over the snake than was normal.

Snape killed Dumbledore because Dumbledore made him - remember Snape is an experienced 'Occulemens' - when Dumbledore pleaded with Snape he 'opened' his mind and let Snape see what he wanted him to do...

Seeing as how dumbledore stated that it required two people to empty the pedestal containing the horcrux, do you think R.A.B could be R. And B. in which case it might be two people on starting with R the other with B, maybe Regulus And Bones
Well is harry not clearly connected to Voldemort in SOME way. Although he isn't aware of containing a horcrux he does have some inexplicable link to Voldemort, maybe it was the spell Voldemort used to use the death of Harry's mother to turn Harry into a Horcrux that caused his fall somehow, but the spell might still have worked and hence caused their link. Wild Speculation but anything's possible.

Also i'm not sure if Snape is good or not, i find myself wanting to believe he is but thinking logicaly he might not be.

I love the theory that Harry is a horcrux because it is a much more plausible way of explaining his link with Voldemort (and being marked as an equal - mathematically they'd each have 1/7th of Voldemort's soul within them), but I think it would've been pointless for Voldemort to have intentionally made Harry a horcrux, wouldn't it?  Why put a portion of your soul into something that you're attempting to destroy anyway?  And if Voldemort really is as afraid of death as we have been led to believe, I don't think he would waste time trying to make Harry a horcrux, knowing that he would have to kill the one person he believes has the power to stop him anyway.  It makes more sense if Harry somehow accidentally became a horcrux though, without Voldemort's knowledge...

Great book, but I wish I waited to read this until the next book came because now I'm in pure agony!

I don't think Harry is a Horcrux because that would be too obvious for J.K. Rowling. He'll be going back to Godric's Hallow (where his parents were killed) so we'll find out soon enough. Rowling is great to give clues, but she rarely gives big ones away until the next book!

Remember there was an arguement between Snape and Dumbledore (overheard outside). Snape doesn't want to do something anymore but Dumbledore says it's final.

Snape was acting on Dumbledore's orders - even at the end. That's obvious. Don't want to get too detailed here.

The question is, how has Dumbledore planned to complete the mission (beyond the grave). He would not die without designing something. He would have known that Harry would want revenge on Snape. The Harry/Snape relationship will be interesting to see.

very gd gd thinking but i really dont think Harry is a horcrux because Rowling has said that he survives so......

But i do believe in the Snape bit.....maybe dumbledore was pleading for Snap to kill him after Snape had argued with him not to have to kill Dumbledore. Good thinking, really opened some doors.

Great book though just like the others. Its great how they all string together

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