harry potter (spoiler if not read half blood prince!)

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sophie_1003 | 22:22 Mon 24th Jul 2006 | Arts & Literature
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in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.... 1. It said that the potions book was from 50 years ago so he knew it wasn't his father's or Sirius's but it then turns out to have belonged to Snape who was in the same year as James and Sirius so how does this work out?? 2. Was there a post on here some time ago that questioned the death of Dumbledor at the end of the Half Blood Prince, I tried searching for it but it didn't come up with any results!


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snapes mums surname was prince and i believe it was hers and then handed down to snape. i think a few people have questioned the death f vdumbledore including myself.
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oh right! Didn't get that part! I couldn't believe it when he died, I thought Fawkes was going to cry on him and bring him back to life!

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harry potter (spoiler if not read half blood prince!)

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