Death in Harry Potter

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iamnice50 | 02:09 Mon 15th Nov 2004 | Arts & Literature
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I want everyone's imput on who they think is next to die in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Ron? Hermoine? Harry? Dumbledore? Hagrid? It could be anyone!


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If JKR killed off any of Harry's friends, than i think it would be the last book, cuz people were upset with her for killing siruis off, and he was only in like 3 of the HP books, think how it would be if she killed off Ron or Hermione. People would be very angry (at least I would). I think Dumbledore may be one of the next to go, because he's just getting really old... But idk...

Hopefully the next Potter-related death will be JKR, then this turgid, torpid, worthless series of books will have no more sequels.

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Hey! Harry Potter is awesome! If you don't like it then why are you on this site under Harry Potter! Go back to picture books!
im sorry i think it should b dumbledore because i didnt like the dumbledore in the last film
Yeah, srd. Why don't you actually go to a place where they might want your opinion. Cuz obviously I can see that your opinion isn't wanted here. :)
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Thanks PunkyD2039. Srd was cramping my style.

I think dumbledore is the half blood prince, dont you think he is not good,

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Death in Harry Potter

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