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TCL-MUMPING | 23:15 Fri 13th Mar 2009 | Site Suggestions
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Despite being unwelcome as THECORBYLOON, I am receiving e-mails as if THECORBYLOON were a member of the AB community still and the latest one has a poll

"It has been claimed maternity services in England lack the quality of care required for new mothers and babies. Do you agree?"

One of the options is "Couldn't comment, I have never used UK maternity services"

It seems the writer of the question is confused since England is part of the UK and not THE UK. May I suggest the AB Editor get off Twitter, gen up on the UK and correct the question and/or the option asap.

Many thanks



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Question Author
He said 95% of ma posts were rants about the AB Editor so that works out to be about 5400 posts. As it is Comic Relief time, I will pay �1 to Comic Relief for each post that he shows is a rant about the AB Editor and he can pay only 10p for each one that is not.

As it�s for such a good cause and the AB Editor MUST have proof surely, Comic Relief and he are on a winner
If indeed , as it would appear , dots be reinstated , after posting some vicious abuse , then tehres absolutely no reason you shouldnt be reinstated.

Shes also admitted to bullying the ed on here and by email.

So i for one am backing the looney for reinstatement.

Parity and all that .

Equal rights for all.

?�? d t h ?�?
-- answer removed --

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