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dilligaf | 19:08 Sat 10th Sep 2005 | Site Suggestions
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I have only recently found your site. It is excellent, I have posted a few questions and supplied a few answers which I hope were of some help to the subscribers.
I have today posted a question re digital photography. The only topic I could find was "how it works"
Considering the use of digital photography, even via mobile phones. Do you think an additional heading of "photography" should be be added?


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What about Internet and Technology dilligaf ? :-)
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Thanks jacey but it does take a lot of searching through to find any answers related to photography which I believe is a subject that deserves its own title.
. I'd post under I and T for digital stuff. We aren't a specialist site but I am sure that if you can't find a specialist site, some one on there will know of one
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Thanks for your replies. Will take your advice and post question in I & T.

Hi dilligaf,

Yep, Internet & Technology would be your best bet for digital - related Questions.


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Yes i think it should be added. So that it can be more interesting for users. Check it on too.

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