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Dakota | 18:53 Sat 10th Sep 2005 | Site Suggestions
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I know this isn't a 'suggestion' but have no-where else to put it.

I would love to be able to change my font colour and style, I have seen one other person has it, can you tell me where to find this funtion please?

Thank you xx


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The big A along the top of the box is for colour change :-)
Question Author
Can it be changed permanently though or do I have to do it for EVERY post?
You can only change your text formatting if you are using Internet Explorer and have ActiveX enabled. If you are using IE, check that your settings on the Security tab of the Tools... Internet Options menu aren't too restrictive (ie, disabling ActiveX).
Ahhhhh right. You'll have to do it every time unfortunately.
Question Author
Way too much like hard work, I'll have to be happy with my lot then.  Thanks guys x
is this right?

Hi Dakota,

Yep, as stated above - all formatting changes are temporary. The only permanant colour change occurs when you move from being a newbie "Green" to a regular "Black" user after the first two weeks of you being registered.


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